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Vol. 27 (66). № 4. 2014
Economy and Management

Akinina L.N.
Recreational water resources in Republic of Crimea: features of suggestion and demand

Ametov R.I.
Information security policy in enhancing competitiveness of the enterprise

Apatova N.V., Bystrova M.V., Tushko I.A.
Irrational consumer behavioral models

Bayramov T.M., Mirankov D.B.
Problems of labour law harmonization in EU countries

Belimenko B.V.
Problems of information security of systems from threats of a bank frod

Boychenko O.V., Ermolenko Y.O.
A mathematical model of choosing the optimal number of protected blocks of software management information system

Boychenko O.V., Znamenskaya Y.А.
Identification algorithms for payment cards

Borisov A.V., Kuznetsov M.M.
Establishment of the institute of economic coercion in international legal system

Nikitina M.G., Vanyushkin A.S.
The issue of methodology of the alignment strategy formation of the economic development of regions

Gerasimova S.V., Matushkin Y.A.
Theoretical bases of modeling of demand for production of the enterprise

Klimenko O.P.
Improving performance machinery in Ukraine

Kovalenko O.U.
Economic consequences of activity of financial pyramids for the state

Korolyov O.L., Sigal S.A.
Optimizing resource allocation based on the use of antagonistic games

Korolyov O.L.
To the nonlinear Cournot duopoly

Krivorotko I.A.
Influence of WTO on Russian livestock industry

Krulikovsky A., Sadretdinov O.
Readiness index to the information society as the basis of the priority development of the crimean region

Maidanevich Y.P.
Outsourcing as a method of economic information processing in agricultural holdings

Naumenko R.V., Nikitina M.G.
Priority directions of the development of foreign trade relations of Russian Federation and India

Pavlov K. V., Surnina K. S.
Analysis of the traditional crafts development in different regions of Russia

Penkova I.V., Bodnar А.V.
Efficiency of organizational and economic mechanism of information and communications management on an enterprise

Popov V.B., Vlasuуk V.V.
Problems of the implementation of enterprise resource planning systems at reorganization enterprises of Сrimea

Rybnikov A.M., Rybnikov M.S.
Effectiveness evaluation of organizational and economic mechanisms sustainable development

Sigal A.V., Kozlovskaja E.V.
Game-theoretic method for optimizing the portfolio risk level among the portfolios that are allowed in the model Black

Sinitsyna N.D., Pobirchenko V.V.
Institutional and legal framework of tourism management in the European Union

Yarosh O.B.
The mechanisms of estimation for soil assimilation capacity of Ukraine

Skorobogatova T.N., Fiodorov V.K.
Issues of Service Logistics' Transaction Costs


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