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Vol. 27 (66). №1. 2014
Economy and Management


Bodner G. D., Druzin R. V.
Development investment component of global pension markets

Boychenko O.V.
Problems of informative safety of the pay systems

Vanyushkin А.S.
The analysis of the concepts of industrial parks development in Crimea

Derkach Y.V.
International experience of social insurance against occupational risks

Karlova A.
Problems and prospects of insurance mediation

Kovalenko O.U.
Social-economic and ecological preconditions of manufacture of competitive agricultural production

Kuznetsov M.M., Borisov A.V., Tikhonov D.A.
Transport and logistic cooperation of countries in the context of world trade

Mashyanova E. E.
The essence of the capitalization of businesses

Mirankov D.B.
Features of implementation of program for comprehensive institution building in the ENP countries

Nikitina M.G., Pyzhik S.A.
Oil diplomacy of people’s republic of China

Pobirchenko V.V., Shutaіeva О.О.
Question of the impact of global economy on the humanity welfare

Pobirchenko V.V.
The role of transborder cooperation in the development european industrialinnovation clusters

Polskаya S.I.
Theoretical and methodological aspects of economic loss

Popov V.B., Kadyrov E. Sh..
Аnalysis models predictive probability enterprise bankruptcy

Rudnickii A.O.
The foreign trade relations of member countries of the eastern partnership

Rybnikov A.M., Rybnikov M.S.
Simulation and evaluation of preparedness of Ukraine to the information society

Sigal A. V., Bakumenko M. A.
Concerning some aspects of consideration of risk component in investment project efficiency evaluation

Cheporov V.V., Cheporova G.E.
ABC vs TD-ABC for higher education: case studies

Shepelevich E.A., Ermolenko G.G..
The analysis of compulsory insurance of vehicles owners civil liability market in Ukraine

Shutaieva E.A.
Socialization of the economy as a key component of the global economic transformation

Yarosh O.B.
Carbon credits as a mechanism of climate change in Ukraine

Skorobogatova T., Fiodorov V.
An integration of marketing and logistics in the servitization context

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