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Vol. 26 (65). № 2. 2013
Economy and Management


Bachmanova А.А., Tarasiuk V.D
Teamwork as a Form of Innovative Education of Students of Management Specializations (on the Sample of The Summer Business Practice in Bodø Graduate School of Business, University of Nordland, Norway)

Buzni A.N., Karlova A.I.
About the Conception a Human Society Forestall Development

Vasilenko V.A., Vasilenko A.V.
Role of Service in Competitiveness Increase of Sanatorium and Resort Product

Vasilenko V.A.
Criteria and Instruments of Management Steady Development of Enterprises

Vershitsky A.V., Vershitskaya E.R.
Marketing Communications in Tourism in Globalization Conditions

Glukhenko N.V., Zakharova K.V.
Economic Aspects of Non-Traditional Renewable Sources Development in Ukraine and the Crimea

Kulipanov K.A.
Analisis of Existing Practice of Problem Solving for Labor Motivation in Enterprise

Kulipanov A.N.
Peculiarities of Agrobusiness Managers Motivation Mechanism for High Productivity Performance and the Role of Pay Rise in it

Logunova N.A.
The Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Development of European Cruise Market

Maydanevich P.N.
The Organization of Accouting in Agricultural Land Enterprises

Podsolonko V.A., Podsolonko E.A.
The Strategy of Increasing the Competitiveness of Ukraine's Economy and its Regions

Podsolonko M.V.
Structuring of Economic Processes as a Research Subject in the National Economy

Pushkareva E.V., Abduraimova E.R.
Innovative Methods of Personnel Motivation

Rotanov G.N.
The Perfection of Management by Competitiveness of the Enterprises of the Food- Processing Industry

Skorobogatova T.N
Key Interpretation of the Term "Flow" in Aspects of Tourists’ Movements Logistic Management

Stankevich A.A.
Managing Labor Costs

Sumets A.M.
Targeted Approach to Asset Management as a Method for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Logistics Activities

Tarasiuk V.D., Vilchinskaya N.V.
Implementation of E-Governance in Ukraine

Tverdohlebov N.I.
Іnternational Competitiveness of Ukraine in the Assessment of the World Economic Forum

Khrapko V.N.
Crisis and Government Regulation of Investments in Ukraine

Fedulkina Y.
Knowledge Evaluation in Order to Gain Sustainable Competitive Advantages by Providing Virtual Services: Museum as a Knowledge and Heritage Keeper

Zinoviev F.V.
Fisheries Marketing of Ukraine