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Vol. 26 (65). №1. 2013
Economy and Management


Apatova N., Malkov S..
Virtual Trade Enterprises as New Subjects of Economy

Boychenko O.V.
Approach of the Systems is to Planning Proof Software of the Informative Management Systems

Butyrina V.N.
Conceptual Foundations of Financial Stability of Insurance Organizations

Zhurba I.S.
Indicators of Assessment in Implementation of Public Programs for the Citizens Housing in Ukraine

Zubeyko I. I.
Methodological Approaches to the Statistical Analysis of Infrastructural Provision for Innovational Development of the National Economy

Inanov S.V.
Model of Business Project Documenting

Kovalenko O.U.
The Information as the Factor of Efficiency of the Strategic Analysis

Kolodiy S.Yu.
Institutional  Regulation  as  a  Method  of  Governmental  Financial  Resources Balance

Korolyov O.L., Krulikovskiy A.P.
Intelligent Modeling Techniques of Project Management Processes

Krіvorotko I.A.
Problems  and  Prospects  of  International  Investment  Attractiveness  of  the Agrarian Sector of Ukraine

Kuznetsov M.M.
Problem of Demographic Crisis in National Economic Systems

Nikitina M.G., Mirankov D.B.
Banking Institutions of CMEA in Modern Conditions

Popov V.B., Akinina L.N., Novikov R.S.
Basic  Methodological  Problems  of  Implementation  of  Enterprise  Resource Planning Systems

Rudnickii A.O., Didenko A.S.,
Comparative Analysis of the Conditions of Accession to the WTO, Countries with Transitive Economy

Rybnikov A.M., Rybnikov M.S.
A  Model  for  the  Optimal  Choice  of  the  Investors  for  Mixed Financing  of Projects

Sigal A. V.
Application of the Theory Antagonistic Games for Decision-Making in Economics

Sirosh M.V.
A.M. Kosygin Reforms: Analysis and Evaluation in Terms of Modern Economic Reforms

Skorobogatova T. N., Fedorov V. K.
А Customer-Oriented Approach as a Sustainability Tool for the Tourism Logistics Service System

Cheporov V.V.
Allocation, Tracing and Assignment of Costs and Resources

Shutaieva O., Pobirchenko V.
Models of EU Social Policy: the Main Directions of Transformation