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Vol. 25 (64). № 3. 2012
Economy and Management

Abibullayev M.
Theoretical aspects of enterprises balanced developments
The article describes the theoretical aspects of the enterprises development. Presents different views ofcontemporary researchers to the category of "enterprise development" and related concepts. The factors of theenterprises balanced developments for further research on enforcement.

Antonenko K.V.
Instruments and methods of ensuring competitiveness of Ukraine
The article is devoted to the tools and techniques of research of competitiveness and the efficiency of theirinteractions. Presents an analysis of security competitiveness and offered the most effective methods.

Apatova N., Malkov S.
Entrepreneurship in the Internet.
In the article the features of entrepreneurship are examined in a computer network the Internet, hisdescriptions, including informative and innovative nature, types of risks, influence on socio-economicprocesses, are determined.

Barsegyan A.G.
Problem of releasing of ukrainian companies on international stock markets
The problems of the release of Ukrainian companies on international stock markets as a major source ofattraction of foreign resources in the economy is examined. The author suggests ways to optimize the processof releasing of the national corporations on European stock exchanges.

Bodner Galina, Druzin Ruslan
Development of European investment fund.
The article describes the main indicators of the activities of European investment funds at this stage. Thechanges in the quantity of investment funds in Europe, net value of their assets by country and by type ofinvestment funds in 2007-2011. There is analysis of the effect of the global financial crisis.

Butyrina V.N.
Investment activity and proactivity in the city economy
Critical analysis of research on the nature of the investment activity are given in the article. Clarified the definition ofinvestment in the economy of the city. Concepts that characterize the investment in the economy of the city, werefurther developed: the city's economy, investment, investment proactivity.

Vorobyova E.I., Vorobyov Yu.N.
The World theories of financial and credit relations and their influence on becoming and development of financial science in Ukraine
The basic world theories of financial and credit relations are exposed. The evolution of scientific looks isinvestigational to the financial and credit relations. Influence of world theories of financial and credit relationsis studied on becoming and development of financial science in Ukraine.

Derkach Y.
The systems approach to sustainable development of enterprises
The article provides a description of the enterprise as a system, determined for the stability of the enterprises,carried out the conceptual systematization of sustainable enterprise development.

Ermolenko A.G.,
The state regulation of small and medium enterprises in the ARC.
The analysis of scientific works by leading economists conducting research on problems of small and mediumenterprises as well as the Russian domestic. Analyzed legislation regulating activities of small and mediumenterprises in Ukraine. The basic directions of development of small and medium enterprises in theAutonomous Republic of Crimea.

Ekhalova А. V.
The Regional features of market of insurance services development
The article the basic regional features of market of insurance services development are considered inAutonomous Republic of Crimea. Insurers and insure of region are analysed, the competition map of market isbuilt and the portrait of typical consumer of insurance services is educed. Regional factors influencing on aregional market of insurance services condition are certain.

Zubeyko I. I.
National innovation systems: experience of the member states of the European Union
This article describes the experience of creating national innovation systems in terms of the commonintegration space of European Union, analyzes the features of models of national innovation systems indifferent groups of EU countries.

Karlova A.
Тo the question of the statistical reporting of tourism enterprises in the Crimea
The article describes the components of the tourism statistics revealed deficiencies techniques to calculate thetourist traffic in the Crimea, a diagram of the statistics of tourism enterprises, the task of improving themethods of calculation of tourists actually visiting Crimea.

Climchuk S. V..
Optimization of fiscal policy of Ukraine and her influence on social-economic development
It is suggested in the work to expose essence of fiscal policy, as the constituent of social-economic relations,which includes the aggregate of corresponding forms of interdependencies and mutual influences of economic,political, institutional components of budgetary space. Information of prognosis indexes is given on 2013 –2014.

Kolodiy S.Yu.
Transactional costs and their impact on the balance of government financial resources
This paper investigates the transactional costs as the most important category of institutional economic theory.The author makes the classification of transactional costs in the formation and use of financial resources of thestate. Author shows the mechanism of formation the transactional costs in the process of institutional changes.

Koroljov O.L.
Structure of enterprise intellectual capital
In the article problems of intellectual capital’s structure are shown. Main approaches of elements definition arediscussed. The need to consider not only the human capital but structural capital in processes of creation and usingof intellectual capital are discussed. The questions of distribution of property rights are shown.

Kravchenko L.A.
State-private partnership as mechanism of activation of the use of innovative potential
In the article basic directions of the use of mechanism of state-private partnership are considered in realization ofinnovative potential, forms and advantages of state-private partnership are analysed, the measures of public policyoffer on stimulation of his development.

Krulikovsky A.
Effects of automated operational planning on competitiveness of manufacturing and tradeing company
The article deals the results of the operational planning use when planning the company sales, the influence ofvarious factors on the values of the financial performance of the company, the role of effective evaluation ofinventory in the formation of market competitiveness.

Kuznetsov M.M.
Importance of logistics in globalization international movement of goods
The article deals with the theoretical aspects of the logistics approach in goods movement. Substantiates thecontent side of the logistic costs and ways to improve international supply chain as part of integrated logistics.

Kussy M.
Application of entropy for analysis of characteristics financial markets
The article suggests a methodical approach to the use of entropy to analyze the characteristics of financialmarkets. The current volatility is selected as analyzed market characteristics which being tested as a possiblemeasure of the market’s uncertainty with the help of Grassberger-Procaccia’s entropy. This analysis allowedto consider the current volatility as a measure of price movements uncertainty in the financial market. Thiswill significantly reduce not only the difficulties of such calculations, but the error of the calculationsthemselves. This result can be used to test various characteristics of the socio-economic system of any kind forthe use of these characteristics as a measure of the system’s uncertainty.

Mirankov D.B.
BSEC: the development of regional transport infrastructure
The article deals with perspective directions of cooperation of Ukraine with the BSEC in the transport sector.Shows the importance of a multilateral approach in the development of pan-European transport corridors andtransport regions.

Radko A. A.
The certain aspects of the exchange rate regulation in Ukraine
The article describes the main areas the exchange rate regulation in Ukraine. Analyzed the positive andnegative effects of policies targeting the exchange rate, predicted some quantitative parameters of exchangerate changes in the country in the near future.

Reznikova N.V.
Prospects for the Arab financial cooperation in the region of the Middle East and North Africa
The paper investigates the prospects of Arab financial cooperation in the region of the Middle East and NorthAfrica. Principles of further monetary integration of the countries are described.

Rudnickii A.O.
Analysis of the effectiveness of economic cooperation within the framework of the ENP
Directions of collaboration between countries within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policyare investigated. The prospects of co-operation between Ukraine and European Union within the framework ofEast partnership are considered.

Rybnikov A.M.
Modeling of uncertainty and risk in the formation of the investment strateg
To facilitate the development and improvement of the investment strategy possible accuracy under conditionsof incomplete information, a model of investment funds, based on the principle of the best expected outcome.Of the assignment of a probability measure on the admissible set of parameters.

Sigal A. V.
Parametric Game Luca Pacioli and its Application in Economics
This paper proposes a game-theoretical model of parametric problem Luca Pacioli. The features of thisproblem, depending on different parameter values. A concrete numerical example of the problem Luca Pacioliin the economy is considered.

Sokolova JV
Current approaches to the management of social economy: a theoretical aspect.
We study the international experience of implementing a social market economy to adapt to the Ukrainianreality. New scientific field - the social economy - is the relationship of the economy and social life, themechanism of the impact of the economy on the development of social processes and the reaction of the socialfactor in the economy. Central to this relationship stands a man with his steadily growing demand. In turn, thehuman factor is one of the basic conditions for economic development. Control of these processes in Ukraine -the highest priority for the economy.

Surnina K.S.
Features of the analytical procedures for the determination of cost of production
Attention applies on the feature of realization of analytical procedures for determination of productive primeprice of services. The factors of decline of prime price of services are investigated

Fedorov I.O.
Directions of improvement of the pension providing in Ukraine.
This paper investigates the problems of reformation of the system of the pension providing in Ukraine. As aresult of analysis of financial performance of pension fund of Ukraine indicators, done conclusions andsuggestions on reformation of the existent system of the pension providing.

Cheporov V.V.,
Development of the consept of allowansibility of costs and their variances in the sestem of financing for higher education of Ukraine
The paper considers the process of the development of accounting standards in the public sector of Ukraine.The problem is associated with the presence of multiple sources of funding for the same purpose and necessityof allocation of costs according to the objects of their assignment and functions. This assignment must byauthorized by the provider of the finance on the basis of the principle of allowansibility of costs. In work it isproposed to disseminate the principle of allowansibility of costs in the analysis of their variances.

Shutaіeva О.О., Pobirchenko V.R.
The new economy: the transformation of the main categories and the role of innovation and technological factors in its formation
The article deals with categorical conceptual apparatus of the "new economy", especially its development, andinformation and communication technologies as a basis for the growth of the "new economy" in the formationof a new socio-economic system.

Yarosh O.B.
Socio-economic inequalities in the member states of the Eastern Partnership
The problems of poverty and found weak correlations between GDP and poverty levels, which is associatedwith a high level of corruption in all the participating countries (except Georgia). Analyze the socio-economicstratification of the population by such indicators as the Gini index, HDI, HPI-1. The possibilities ofconvergence between the countries of the Eastern Partnership and the EU.