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Vol. 25 (64). № 2. 2012
Economy and Management

Burdyug N.V.
Improvement the methods of accounting operations for receipt, use and regeneration of mud-bath of inventories
Revealed the problematic issues of accounting techniques to transactions entering the mud inventories andtheir use for medicinal purposes and regeneration.The basic operations offered correspondence accounts of mud-bath of regeneration of stocks, analyticalaccounts of first-and second-order system of analytical accounting registers.

Vasilenko V.A.
Realization of strategy of development of the enterprises of sphere of services on a basis klaster
The questions of efficiency realization decisions are examined on development in sphere of servicesenterprises of tourist and recreational sector (TRS) of Crimea in accordance with the accepted «Strategyof economic and social development of Autonomous Republic Crimea on 2011-2020», estimation and thewalkthrough of which exposed impossibility of its implementation present rates and methods. Somesuggestions are given on complex approach of permission of the problem іn TRS and its effectiveness

Gorbachov V.A.
Definition of methods of audit of production costs
Disclosed problem questions of formation methods of audit of production costs. Dedicated to the mainpproaches to the formation of the audit methodology and offer approach to the development of amethodology for audit of production costs at industrial enterprises.

Dobrovolskaya O.P.
Substantiation of directions of financial maintenance of innovative development of regions
This work analyses composing models of innovational development of a region. It grounds the mostperspective financial tools of a regional innovating policy.

Zinchenko O. A.
The formation of the concept of regional investment processes based on a systematic approach
The article is devoted to the analysis of conceptual principles of regional investment process management,on the basis of systems approach it reveals the basic components of mechanism of the regionalmanagement and concentrates on the terms of the offered conception practical realization.

Kozlov V.S.
Increase of competitiveness of the regions by strengthening the Informatization of railway industry
The article considers the problems of Informatization of railway transport and integration with foreigntransport information systems. Identified ways to improve the efficiency of Informatization segments of thetransport potential.

Kunitsyn S.V.
Мethodolog of formation of the organizational mechanism of development of a recreational companies
The article deals with features of the theoretical and methodological basis for tourist and recreationalactivities development. The proposed approach is based on cooperation professional tourist marketmembers, which can operate autonomously. The essence of the author's hypothesis is reduced to thenecessity of formation within the cluster networking activities to create a tourism product and configurationmanagement of such networks. The practical implementation of the proposed theoretical andmethodological basis is to create an appropriate institutional mechanism for which the article defines thelogic and principles of construction.

Mabiala Gilber.
Problems and prospectives of improving the efficiency of bovine production in Saky region’s agrarian formations
Thearticlepresentstheeconomic analysis of the current state of the effectiveness of meat and milkproduction in agrarian formations Saki region. The identify the factors of low profitability and costrecovery, and suggests promising directions of improving economic efficiency of livestock in the regionwas work-out.

Nekhay V.V.
Control of market situation of marketing organizations
In sat'e the place of marketings organizations is certain in realization of motion of commodity,implementation of operations on control of market situation for the aims of planning of activity.

Pylypenko А.А.
The balanced scorecard using as a strategic management tool for tourist and recreation cluster potential and attractiveness development
Relevance of clusters management development contours formation is proved. The level of potential disclosureoffered regarded as instruments of cluster development. As a tool of management chosen balanced scorecardsystem viable systems model. The Balanced Scorecard strategy map perspectives expanded by set of indicatorswhich revealing the potential of tourist enterprise (learning and development perspective) and the attractivenessof tourism and recreation cluster (customer perspective). The scenarios of Balanced Scorecard using for differentorganizational forms of cluster building are specified.

Pylypenko L.M.
Balance sheet as a source of information for management of company capital
Objective valuation of enterprises with modern methodical tools is researched, the adequacy of assessmentspotential businesses of its balance expression is considered, and the necessity of determining the cost ofcapital for companies in standardized indicators of financial statements, including balance, is reasoned.

Podsolonko V.A.
The state initiatives of creation of an information society in Ukraine
The detailed analysis of maintenances of the state initiatives in Ukraine during the period 1990 – 2010 isexecuted. It contains: construction of an information society, maintenance of interrelation of the purposesof his development in conditions of informing. Systems of electronic management. Recommendations onrealization the revealed reserves of acceleration of formation of an information society, on amplification ofpurposefulness of his development are produced.

Pushkareva E.V.
Factors hindering the development of electronic commerce in Ukraine
The article identifies factors that impede the development of electronic commerce in Ukraine, as well asspecific recommendations for their avoidance are provided. The results are of practical interest fordomestic entrepreneurs.

Pushko R.А.
Insurance as one of types of state support of agriculture on condition of membership of Ukraine in WTO
In this article the problems of state support of agriculture are certain on condition of membership ofUkraine in WTO. It is found out that insurance behave to basic directions of state defence of agrarian sectorof national economy. The state of realization of the programs of internal support of agriculture isinvestigational.

Reznikova N.V.
Conceptual fundamentals of currency crises research
The paper reveals theoretic and methodological fundamentals of the research of currency crises, examineseconomic nature of currency instability. The article includes the classification of currency crises anddefinition of their root causes.

Skorobogatova T.N.
The development of logistics service systems in tourism
The tourism logistic service system is considered. Managing and guided subsystems are identified andcorresponding system-wide characteristics are specified. The role of internal and external communicationsin the system development is shown. Emerging synergetic positive effects in tourism logistics servicesystems are revealed.

Smetanko A.V.
Improvement of methodology of internal audit operations with financial investments
The problem questions of methodology of internal audit operations with financial investments are exposed.Basic stages and directions of conducting internal audit operations with financial investments are specified.

Sorokina O.S.
The analysis of the cost of the tourist product and the ways of its reduction
The methods of the tourist product cost calculation are considered in the article. The technique of the costprice analysis of the tourist product is expounded. The reserves of the tourist product cost reduce areidentified.

Tverdohlebov N.I.
Ukraine and CIS-countries country risks: Euromoney value
The value of the country risk ratings and its categories of Ukraine and four countries of the CIS publishedby Euromoney magazine in March 2012 is considered. Basic factors, influencing the level of ratings areanalyzed.

Tkacheva S.S.
Мodernthe concept of steady competitive advantages of the enterprise: integration and scientific approaches
Theories of competitive advantage in terms of approaches to sources of competitive advantages formationare analyzed. The content of the modern concept of sustainable competitive advantages is justified.

Khrapko V.N.
General methodology of investment decisions
The unified methodology of investment decision process is presented in the article. This approach isapplicable to make investment decisions in the context of a standalone project and also in the portfoliocontext. The contract theory and informational economics approach was applied to.

Tsyganok V.N.
Research of the effectiveness of the components of the marketing mix of chicken producers
The paper presents results of studies on more efficient use of the commodity, pricing, logistics policy, promotionand sales of various brands of poultry producers in comparison with trade mark "Nasha Ryaba" inproduct markets of Zhitomir, that in fact there are key factors in the success of these brands.

Shyray O.S.
Skilled providing of development of recreational clusters of Kerch and Lenin district
Analysing of skilled potential of city Kerch and Lenin district. The necessity of participation of scientificand educational establishments of region is proved for activity of tourist cluster. The basic prospects offunctioning of such structure of tourist cluster are outlined. Basic directions of functioning of suchstructure of tourist cluster are delineated.