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Vol. 25 (64). №1. 2012
Economy and Management


Apatova N.V.
Strategic Targets of Ukrainian Economy Growth
The new factors of the economy growing which conditioned forming of informative economy and being the strategy targets of national development are determined, the basic indexes of economy of Ukraine and other states, their dynamics and tendencies are examined, the necessity of positive changes of these indexes is grounded for providing of the economy growing.

Bilyi O.I.
Priorities for the Modernization of Energy Supply as Component of the Ukrainian Economy Restructuring
Comprehensive approach to power supply of Ukraine's economy is presented in the article. The strategic priorities for the modernization of the national energy sector are defined. The objectives of the European energy policy (as a strategic guide for Ukraine) are researched. The systemic problems of the development of alternative energy in Ukraine are analyzed. The advantages and the potential of alternative (renewable) energy as an integral part of the restructuring of the Ukrainian economy are studied.

Bodner G., Druzin R.
Actual Problems of Securitization and its Development in Ukraine
The paper examines the theoretical and methodological foundations for the development and functioning of the Institute of securitization. A comparative analysis of the structural development of the global world of financial assets and financial assets in Ukraine. The measures for the further development of securitization in the domestic financial market.

Garashuk O.
Educations Management - an Effective Tool for the Development of Society and the Economy
Developing the role of education in socio-economic development. It is emphasized that lately the quality of education decreases. Therefore, the ways of modernizing education and its management in general and higher, in particular, should be a significant factor in the development of society and economy.

Derkach Y.
Developing Mechanisms for Economic Interest of Employers Safety of Labor
This article presents the analysis of occupational injuries and illnesses in Ukraine and offered recommendations for its reduction through the development of mechanisms of economic interest of employers.

Dyuzhev V.G.
Relationship Evaluation of Innovative Building and the Formation of Innovative Cash Flow from the Use of Technologies of Alternative Renewable Energy
An approach to the expanded implementation of the innovative potential of alternative renewable energy technologies in innovative cash flows in terms of increased susceptibility of innovative companies and selected the appropriate steps. Shows the block diagram of a phased implementation of the innovative potential alternative possibilities of renewable energy in innovative cash flow and negative effects due to inhibition of their formation and weakening of the realization of innovative features.

Kovalenko O.U.
The Methodical Approach to a Complex Estimation of a Financial Condition of the Enterprise
Necessity of improvement of methodical approaches to carrying out complex financial is proved the analysis of the enterprises of Ukraine which consists in strengthening of requirements to information, methodological and organizational maintenance of acceptance of administrative financial decisions. Modern methodical approaches of domestic and foreign scientists concerning complex estimation a financial condition of the enterprises are analyzed. With use of these approaches the Public Joint-stock company (PJC) "the Nikolaev bread combine" for 2010 is executed complex estimation financial and enterprise economic activities. Practical recommendations by results of the spent analysis which can be used for many enterprises of Ukraine are developed.

Kolodiy S.Yu.
Corporate Income Tax as the Source of Local Budgets Revenue
This paper investigates the problem of generating income for local budgets in Ukraine. It is proved that the consolidation of income tax on profits of enterprises will increase the financial autonomy of local governments and reduce their dependence on fiscal transfers

Krulikovsky A.
Improving the Competitiveness of Modern Business through Commodity Stocks Management
The article discusses the basic approaches to the material resources management of the company, the influence of various factors on the importance of turnover normative and the role of inventory turnover assessment in the formation of market-competitive enterprise.

Kuznetsov M.M.
Concept Features of Logistic Infrastructure are in System of Foreign Trade Relations
In the article the theoretical features of application of logistic approach are examined during realization of foreign trade operations. Forming of logistic infrastructure and her functionally-structural maintenance is grounded.

Maksymyuk N.V.
The Development of Tourism in Crimea through Modernization of Transport Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnership
The author gives recommendations on the development of tourism in Crimea through the implementation of public-private partnership in the form of concessions for transport infrastructure.

Mashyanova E. E.
Methodological Approaches for Assessing the Level of Capitalization
The ways of assessing the level of capitalization of insurance companies are proposed. The method of complex evaluation of the level of capitalization of insurance companies is described. The system of informative indicators for a diagnostics of level of capitalization of the insurance company in the basic directions is offered: sufficiency of the capital, efficiency of use of the capital, efficiency of assets management, dependence of the insurance company on external sources of financing.

Mirankov D.B.
Development of Integration Processes in Europe in the Second Half of XX Century on the Example of the CMEA and the EEC
The article deals with the integration processes in Europe in the second half of the twentieth century. Two models of the integration development are analyzed on the example of the CMEA and the EEC, and given their comparative characteristics.

Nikitina M.G.
Displacement of Geoeconomic Vectors of Development in the Periphery of the World System
The article analyzes the principles of the monistic and dualistic models of Islamic economics. Determined by the share of these countries in international trade before and after revolutions. The analysis of the introduction of the dualistic (e.g., Turkey) and monistic (e.g., Iran) Islamic economics is carried out. The advantages and disadvantages of these models are discussed.

Oliinik M.
The International Experience of Social Insurance and its Application in Ukraine
The article analyzes the organization of systems of social insurance in foreign countries, explores the major international model building of social insurance, determined by the problematic issues of the functioning of the social insurance system in Ukraine and suggests ways of improving the organization of social insurance in the Ukraine in the light of international experience.

Parypa K.V.
The Essence of Systemically Important Banks and their Importance for the Soundness of the Financial Sector of a Country
This article studies international practice of determining systemically important banks, justifies the necessity to distinguish such banks in order to guarantee the soundness of the financial sector, classifies approaches to detect systemic significance of financial institutions, describes reasons and possibilities to identify systemically important banks in Ukraine.

Pobirchenko V.V.
Global and Multinational in the International Hotel Business
Opened of marketing strategy of the international hotel companies for the purpose of maintenance of high competitiveness in the world market of hotel services. Analyzed the possible parity of technologies of global and multinational marketing in the international hotel business.

Protsun N.M.
International Experience of the Financial Industry Groups Activity and Possibilities of its Implementation in Ukraine
The article treats information according to the interpretation of economic categories "FIG". History of FIG, which based on experience of USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, the CIS and Ukraine examples is under consideration. This article describes the problem of ineffectual regulatory framework and proposes the main ways for it solution.

Rybnikov M.S., Rybnikov A.M.
On the Possibility of the Influence of the Productivity of Scientific Activities on Wages of the Faculty of the University
The article contains a classification of indexes of scientific. A list of criteria an effective index of scientific output should meet is proposed. It is demonstrated that this index has major flaw and should not be used for measurement of scientific output. New indexes are proposed. It is explained how these indexes can be used to calculate a professor's salary.

Sіrosh M.V.
Activization of investment Activity as a Mechanism for Accelerated Economic Development of Crimea
Analyzed the investment activity in the ARC and its trend over the 10 years from 2000 to 2010. Examined the main sources of funding, the role and importance of investment in fixed assets, the share of foreign investment in total capital investment.

Soroka I. V.
The Problems and Prospects of Development of International Tourist Infrastructure under the Conditions of Global Financial Instability
The concept «international tourist infrastructure», its components and basic functions are considered. The development of international tourist infrastructure under the conditions of financial instability is analyzed. Basic problems and trends of international tourist infrastructure under the conditions of financial instability are revealed.

Fedorov I.A.
Tendencies of the Formation and Maintenance of the External Public Debt in Ukraine
In this paper we investigate the dynamics of the formation and maintenance of the external public debt, the behavior tendencies of foreign debt and made suggestions for implementing the state policy of public debt management

Freyak A.V.
Impact of Cross-Border Cooperation on the Development of Transit Specialization of Border Regions (on the Base of Western Region)
In the article the author analyzes the state of transit potential of Ukraine and its Western region, describes themain problems, that hinder the effective realization of transit functions and proposes the ways of their solution with the help of cross-border cooperation advantages.

Cheporov V.V.
The Model of Resource Supply and Demand in the Calculation of the TD-ABC for the Institution of Higher Education
This paper considers the possibility of using a system based on the calculation of usi The model of resource supply and demand in the calculation of the TD-ABC for the institution of higher educationng time as a major factor in the costs of college. Using this method allows a more accurate distribution of the costs of university activities and the types of products, and use available information to reduce the cost of the system.

Cheporova G.E.
Development of Indicators of Target Programs in Higher Education Funding of Ukraine
In this paper the essence of software and the target method of budget process and its implementation in Ukraine by the example of training programs in universities III and IV level of accreditation is considered. Critical analysis of the purposes of budgetary programs in the state and local level, indicators of their performance conducted. International experience in the development of indicators of higher education discussed and suggestions made for its use. The essential role of competence, of persons implementing the budget programs in the state and local level is checked.

Shutaіeva О.О.
Marketing the World Market of Educational Services: Tools and Equipment
The article discusses the current trends, tools and mechanisms for the implementation of marketing in the world market of educational services in the internationalization of world economic relations and the formation of the world educational space.