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Vol. 24 (63). № 4. 2011
Economy and Management


Andrash E.A., Visilenko V.O.
The Objectives of the Investment Attractiveness Management Hotel Industry Enterprises
The basic definitions of investment activity in the management of the investment attractiveness hotel industry are define. System factors of influencing the level of investment attractiveness hotel is represent. The main task of investment attractiveness hotel industry enterprise are determine.

Andrushkiv B.M.
Formation of the Investment Climate, as the Basis of Optimizing Investment of Hotels and Tourist Businesses
On the basis of the conducted researches the features of forming of positive investment climate are considered, as to the base of optimization of investment attractiveness of tourist enterprises. The separate aspects of intercommunications of management investment activity are exposed with the state of investment attractiveness. A comparative analysis is resulted in part of the government and regional programs of development of investment activity of tourist enterprises.

Аrsenenko A.Yu.
The Rating Management Mechanism of the Investment Climate of Ukraine: Methodological Basics
Methodological instrument of the rating management mechanism of the investment climate of Ukraine is developed: model of rating, method of comparative rating analysis, method of rating estimate forecast, basic of monitoring system of rating management effectiveness.

Bantysheva A.L.
The Role and Place of Financial Management in the Enterprise Management of Travel and Tourism Industry
The essence, meaning, principles of organization and functions of an effective instrument of enterprise management (financial management) has been considered. Special relevance of managing finance for economic entities in travel and tourism industry under current conditions of financial resources scarcity and borrowing difficulties has been specified.

Bessonovа A.S.
Necessity for the Problem Solution of Unbalanced Use of Recreational Potential of Autonomous Republic of Crimea
The problems of unbalanced use of recreational potential of Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the context of the all-season tourism functioning are considered in the article. The factors which hinder the development of winter tourism in the region are emphasized, the economic and social importance of the skitourism and recreation system functioning is defined; the means of competitiveness increase of the region and of its tourism product are formed.

Buzni A.N., Buzni E.N.
Praxiological Approach to the Definition of “Marketing” and “Public Relations” Categories Interrelationship
The article deals with brief analysis of “Marketing” and “Public Relations” categories interrelationship that will help understanding of these categories essence and the nature of their interrelationship.

Vasilenko V.O.
The Performance and Efficiency of Production as an Implementation Paradox
The questions of high-quality-quantitative interpretation of the productivity and efficiency are examined, the walkthrough of which exposed insolvency of present approaches. An estimation and some suggestions is given on development and increase of the effectiveness work of enterprises.

Vershitsky A.V.
Recreational Attraction and Marketing of Tourism in the Region as a Basis for Tourist Infrastructure Development
The influence of the presence and condition of tourist infrastructure for the region’s recreational resources use is considered in the article, the dissemination of tourists’ accommodation as an important infrastructure element in the regions of the Crimean Autonomous Republic is analyzed. Interaction of transport and tourism are considered as a basic factor for region’s tourist infrastructure development. The structure of export of recreational, accommodation and tourist services in the regions of the Crimean Autonomous Republic. The development of the tourist infrastructure in the regions that need to attract additional tourists flow to achieve the balance of regional development is proposed.

Vlasenko V. A.
Organizational Directions of Branch-Management Mechanism Adaptation to the New Economic Activity Conditions of the System of Consumer Cooperatives in Ukraine
The article considers the features of branch-management of the enterprises and organizations of the system of consumer cooperatives in Ukraine. The necessity of branch-management mechanism introduction by earmarking of organizational forms and management structures is justified. The future improvement directions for such economical activity branches as trade, restaurant, and purveyor are recommended. The main directions of crisis conditions overcoming and further development of macro and microeconomic level of cooperative enterprises and organizations are generalized.

Vovk N.A.
The Peculiarities of Teaching the Business French Language at the Management Department of the National V.I. Vernadsky University of Taurida
In the article one analyzes a row of aspects of teaching the business French language within the curriculum framework at the Management Department of the National V.I. Vernadsky University of Taurida. There are analyzed such aspects in teaching the business French language as intersubject connection, multilevel character and polifunctional nature. During mastering business French the students get acquainted with the business culture of the language, including ergonims and firmonyms of the French language.

Gontar T.N.
Information and Communications Software Enterprise Management Tourism Industry at the Present Stage
The article describes the main trends of information and communications supportenterprise management of tourism at this stage. The study identified and mapped the major problems associated with inefficiencies in information and communication management software companies of tourism.

Gorbov, A.A.
Intellectual Potential, his Features and Role in Development of Enterprise
The results of research of modern interpretations of concepts «Intellectual potential» and «intellectual capital» of enterprise are expounded in the article, their structure and features is specified, a value for development of modern enterprise is grounded.

Dikhtyar A.I.
Innovative Development of Enterprises of Tourism-Recreation Complex
Answering is analysed world tendencies and national interests of problem of innovative development of tourism and recreation complex in Ukraine and Crimea.

Dobrovolskaya O.P.
The Integrated Approach to Perfection of a Regional Control System by Wildlife Management
In work necessity of application of the integrated approach to perfection of a regional control system by wildlife management is proved.

Zakharova K.V.
Integration Association of the Company is Crimea Travel in a Globalizing Economy
Actual issues of integration associations in the tourism sector of the Crimea.Analyzed the practice of integration associations in the domestic tourism compared to the practice of data associations abroad. The basic problem of the formation integration associations tourist companies offered solutions these problems. Analyzed the efficiency of integration associations in tourism sector.

Zubkova M.S.
The Tasks of Marketing as a System for Tourism Businesses
The article considers the problem of lack of use of marketing in tourism enterprises in Ukraine which is considered as one of the reasons for the lack of competitiveness of Ukrainian tourist business in the global market of tourist services. Proposed ways of solving this problem.

Kosyak N.A.
Spanish Club as One of the Methods of the Building Cross-Cultural Competence of the Students
The article analyses the work of the Spanish club as one of the methods of the building cross-cultural competence of the students and helps to improve linguistic and extra linguistic skills of communication.

Kravchenko N.A.
Ways of Optimization of the Crimea Territories Potential Using Structure
It is given an analysis and justification of proposals on optimization the structure of Crimea territorial potential as the component of region effective development. It is identified deficiencies lend management system on all levels and it is made the proposals how to resolve them. It is proposed a toolkit of effective implementation of natural resource potential of the Crimea, which includes elements of state regulation, and based on the concept of sustainable development.

Kramarenko V.I., Radcenko N.V.
The Features of Assessment Methods of Control Tourist Activities Organization
This article examines the features of methodologies for assessing the effectiveness of management subsystems tourism organization.

Kunitsyn S.V.
The Organizational-Economic Mechanism of Steady Tourist Wildlife Management
On the basis of the conducted researches the necessity of forming the organizational and economic mechanism of steady tourist and recreational environment is considered in the conditions of productive power development. The presented mechanism perfects the existing approach for steady environment usage providing, as bases for recreational economy development.

Kukharchuk S.V.
Influence of Cruise Sector on Development of Economy in Crimean Region
Influence of development of cruise sector on a local economy by means of authentication list of charges in the places of destinations and ports are investigate in the article. Potential economic influence of cruise sector is certain for the economy of Сrimea region.

Nalivaychenko K.V.
Methodology of the Researching of National Economic’s Informatization Perspectives
A perspective direction of modern world economy system’s development is informatization of economic. In spite of this the demands about effectiveness’ rising of using of all kinds of information and information services in Ukraine’s economic and the problems of Ukrainian information economy are determined with the help of empiric methods.

Nalivaychenko S.P., Ergin S.M.
Interconnection between the Level of Concentration, the Height of Barriers to Entry and Monopoly Power in the Local Market
Summary: The impact of the level of concentration, the height of entry barriers and the economic return on the marketing power of economic actors of the local market was examined. The object of investigation was typical for the local market of the Crimea – the market of construction and mineral resources. It is established that the mere concentration of production is not the cause of monopolization of the market. The most important factors in this process are: the depth of market differentiation and the height of entry barriers.

Onischenko K. N.
Forecast Prognosis of Necessity in Grain for Bakery Goods Production in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 2015
In the article, on the basis of consumption norms, the forecast of necessity of grain needs is carried out for complete satisfaction in bakery products the population of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the holiday-makers in 2015.

Podsolonko V.A., Podsolonko E.A., Osipova S.S.
Maintenance of Outstripping Development of Economy on the Basis of Amplification its Innovative Components
The basic directions of maintenance of outstripping development of economy are considered on the basis of amplification its innovative components. The factors influencing a level of development of economy of regions of Ukraine are analysed. Mechanisms of innovative updating of a fixed capital, organizational - economic levers of attraction of the investments providing an advancing of rates of innovative updating of a fixed capital above rates of deterioration of existing basic means are offered.

Podsolonko E.A., Murava-Sereda A.V.
Transfer and Commercialization of Technologies
The reasons of low innovative activity of the Ukrainian universities and research organizations of the state pattern of ownership are investigated. The corresponding property rights to the objects of the intellectual property created for means of the state, the customer or own means, and also rights to the profit arising at their realization are analyzed the current legislation in sphere of innovative activity of universities and the research organizations, in particular a transfer and commercialization of technologies.

Podsolonko M.V., Basiladze K.G.
Effective Utilization of Recreational Territories
Processes of creation of conditions socially guided uses of Crimea’s recreational territories are investigated at their insufficient and by a low level of local population’s occupation. The structural model of process of maintenance socially guided uses of recreational territories is developed. New aspects of management are offered by development of the small business focused on interaction of small enterprises in networks and кластерах on the basis of involving of local population and creation of new workplaces. Conceptual conditions of development and development of empty recreational territories are formulated on the basis of creation of the innovative centers of tourism, rest and entertainments.

Shamileva E.E.
The Forecasting of the Need of the Personnel of the Recreational Complex Enteprises in AR of Crimea
This article is devoted to the one of the most important problems of the market economy – to the problems of the planning and prediction of the need of the staff. The economic and mathematical approach to the modeling of the need of the workforce was offered in this article. This approach takes into account the influence of the factors, that requires the special methods of the research and analysis in the situation of the formation of socially oriented market economy.

Shevchenko E.V.
Integration Approach to Business Enterprises Planning Projects
The components of integration system of management projects within the business planning projects is described in the article.