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Vol. 24 (63). № 3. 2011
Economy and Management


Buzni A.N., Dotsenko N.A.
Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Cluster Identification and Differentiation of Cluster Types
In the present analytical review of foreign and domestic literature the genesis and the main approaches to  the interpretation of the essence of a cluster are discussed, generic features and species of the cluster are distinguished, and supported by the author's position. Clustering of the Crimea hotel enterprises is given for example.

Dikhtyarj A.I.
Innovative Development of Enterprises of Tourism-Recreation Complex
Answering  is analysed  world tendencies and  national  interests of problem  of  innovative development of   tourism and recreation complex in Ukraine and Crimea.

Zhulavsky A.U., Gordienko V.P. 
Rental Assessment of Land Resources in Conditions of Environmental Limitations
In the article the analysis of the methodological approaches to the land resources value estimation is given.  It is grounded that the most objective for the land resources value estimation under the market economic  management is the method of plowing-back of the rental income from their usage. It is proved that the  environmental pollution influences the financial results of the farming industry in the negative way, and  reduces the pecuniary valuation of the land resources. The ways of the methodological approaches  improvement of the land resources value estimation, which takes into consideration ecologically based  losses of the rental income is given.

Kartashevskаyа I.F.
Role of Anthropogenous Resources in Management of Tourist Streams
The new approach in definition  of the anthropogenous resources influencing on distribution of tourist  streams is offered. On an example of museums the design procedure of potential possibilities of  anthropogenous objects is given.

Kunitsyn S.V.
System of Indexes of Estimation of Competitiveness of Tourist Product
On the basis of the conducted researches the estimation of competitiveness of tourist product is considered on the  basis of the system of indicators, determinations of composition and structural construction, which are based on  the complex scope of subject sphere of forming and consumption of tourist product. Application of this  approach is perfected by determination of composition and levels of exposure of elements of tourist  product. 

Nekhay V.V.
Value of Service in Performance of Logistical Operations 
In article the service place in maintenance goods movements, performance of logistical operations, its  features, methods of the organization of logistical service, branch features, directions of its perfection is  defined.

Onishchenko K.M. 
The Optimizing Method of the Size of the Area of Plants Producing Seed
In the article the methodological approaches determine the optimal size of farms that produce corn.

Paderin A.
The Essense of Management Efficiency in Tourist Branch
The constituents of management efficiency are expounded in the article. It is payed attention to the  efficiency of tourist industry management. Management effectiveness on macro and microlevels and the  process of co-operation between state and business are examined in the article. 

Podsolonko V.A., Podsolonko E.A., Podsolonko M.V.
Employment Indicators of Influence on the Efficiency of Economic Development in the Regions
Indicators of employees effectiveness employed in legal entities in Ukraine by regions and by type of  economic activity are considered. The estimation of the efficiency level of employment in the regions  through the value of their cash income is made in the article. Recommendations as for  regions  consolidation on the basis of increasing population number living in the regions and  how to use them more  effectively in the regional economy are formed.

Tverdokhlebov N.I. 
Ukraine International Competitiveness Rating: Comparative Analysis
A dynamics and structure of rating of international competitiveness of Ukraine is analysed on the basis of  annual reports of the World economic forum. The comparative analysis of indexes of competitiveness is  conducted with six countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Croatia). Conclusions  are done about competitive advantages and problems, braking the increase of competitiveness of Ukraine. 

Khrapko V.N.
Company Competitiveness Criterion
In the paper the author developed new criterion to measure of company competitiveness and calculated an  example of this criterion for the company.

Shvets Yu.
Analysis of the Factors of Innovative Development of Tourism
In this article the classification of factors influencing the development of tourism, and reflects the  relationship (forward and backward linkages) operating in the development of tourism in the region,  external and internal factors, as well as the time factor - seasonality.

Priputnikov A.A. 
Criteria for Evaluation of Natural Resources
The criteria for evaluating natural resources and the methodology of estimation of natural resources are  described in the paper.