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Vol. 24 (63). № 2. 2011
Economy and Management


Apatova N.V.
Theoretical and Methodological Approach to the Creation of the Innovative Development Model of National Economy
The model of national innovative development, containing the production sectors of economy as basic components is examined, the factors of innovative development are determined.

Ermolenko G.G.
The Monetary Valuation of the Land of Spa Facilities, as an Additional Source of Funding
The article deals with some models of the monetary valuation of the land recreation enterprises, given their comparative characteristics, as well as describe the model developed by the author, which takes into account market relations in the field of recreational businesses, and allows an additional source of funding.

Zhurba I.S.
Theoretical Basis of Youth Housing Mortgage
The study of essence and structure of youth housing mortgage are presented at the paper. The model of youth housing mortgage notion is presented. Essence of elements of youth housing mortgage's system and youth housing mortgage's mechanism is examined.

Ivanov S.V., Moskaleva Yu.P.
Preparation of the Documentation for Business Applications
The main questions of the business applications documentation preparation have been considered, the main tasks that the developers have to resolve have been set, the possible ways and approaches of creation of the business application documentation have been given.

Ivchenko M.S.
Foreign Investments in Bank System of Ukraine Influence on the State Balance of Payments
The questions connected with inflow of the foreign capital in bank system of Ukraine and its influence on the balance of payments of the country are considered in article. In particular, the direct and indirect factors affecting the balance of payments of our state in connection with penetration of foreign investors on the domestic market of bank services are investigated.

Klimchuk S.V.
Management Features Economic Potential of the Sphere Service
Management of the economical potentials enterprises of the sphere service is a most popular in this time. Investigations this problems must be define the instruments of the management economical potentials.

Kovalenko O.U.
Send the Improvement of the Financial State of Enterprises in the Conditions of Development of Market Relations
The article is devoted to consideration of problems of the enterprises of Ukraine, related to the shortage of circulating assets, account and creditor receivable, by an unsatisfactory capital structure. The importance of horizontal and vertical integration is offered. The features of modern methods of management account receivable are explored, such how factoring, overdraught, consideration of bills of exchange. Recommendations in relation to the improvement of the financial state of enterprises in the conditions of development of market relations are offered.

Kolodiy S.Yu.
Institutional Changes and their Impact on the Balance of Government Financial Resource
This paper investigates the institutional changes as the most important category of institutional economic theory. The author examines problems of implementation of institutional changes in the transformation of economic systems on the balance of financial resources of the state. the situation of interaction of formal and informal institutions is considered. Author reveals the main causes of inefficient formation of the institutional
environment in the process of transforming the economic system.

Kopachova K.I.
Steps in the Strategic Management of Financial Stability Travel Companies
In the article the author proposed the basic processes of formation and implementation strategy for the management of financial stability that will enable tourism enterprises to consistently develop its activities, regardless of the influence of external and internal factors.

Korchinsky V.E.
Improving Financial Independence of the Regions in the Context of the Reform in the Field Intergovernmental Relations
The problems on the balance of the financial resources of local budgets by increasing their financial selfsufficiency in the context of reforming the system of intergovernmental fiscal relations. The author of an analysis of the incomes of local budgets and the role of intergovernmental transfers. Proposed ways to increase the financial autonomy of local budgets by reforming intergovernmental fiscal relations.

Kravchenko N.S.
Institutionalization of Renewable Energy Markets
The article deals with the economic substance of the functions and structure of the emerging global market of renewable energy.

Kuznetsov M.M.
Features of Development of the Modern Euroasian Transport and Logistical Infrastructure
In work conceptual features of the logistical approach and its role in system of the international transportation process are investigated. The structure of a logistical infrastructure at national and international levels is characterized. Value of infrastructural outsourcing in development of the international logistical relations is analyzed. The current state of a logistical infrastructure of the Euroasian region and perspective directions of its development reveals. Value of the Ukrainian transport and logistics infrastructure in creation of an effective trading network within the li\ хх mits of the Euroasian region is defined.

Maksymyuk N.V.
Factor Impact Assessment on Efficiency of Activity of Tourism Industry Enterprises in the Crimea
In the article external and internal factors are revealed, which impact on efficiency of activity of travel industry enterprises. Expert judgements method is used to impact assessment. Agreed expert opinions are obtained. Marketing, economic, finance and manufacturing factors exert powerful influence on efficiency of activity of tourism industry enterprises.

Mochalina O.
Investment Potential of Agroindustrial Complex of Crimea
The volumes of investment receipts in Crimea from different sources are defined, and charges, related to the receipt and mastering of investments and volumes of clean investment facilities, remaining in industry after the borne charges and in-use for realization investment projects. The method of determination of area of investment potential of agroindustrial complex in Crimea is presented. The necessity of realization of investment potential and increase of investment activity of the examined industry is grounded.

Nikitina M.G.
Theoretical and Methodological Foundations Concept of Economic Security of the Region
Economic security of region is considered in the context of general conception of economic security. Principles of forming of conception of economic security of region are offered.

Rybnikov A.M.
Management by the Balanced Development in State Institute of Higher
The system of strategic management is investigational and formalizational by the state institute of higher by means of technology of the balanced development by means of BSC in the conditions of existent resource limitations.

Rymarska N.I., Koryagin M.V.
Essence and Role the Concept of Budget аs an Economic Category in a Market Economy
The definition of category "budget" is exposed; the definition of "budget" is complemented by its functions. Certainly role and place of budget in a market economy are determined, its correlation with social and economic processes and directions of realization of budgetary policy.

Ryabtseva N.A.
Analysis of the Number of Orphans in Orphanages and Foster Families
The article analyzed the trend in the number of orphans living in orphanages and foster families both in absolute and relative values. Made a graphical model, which clearly reflects this momentum and allow to make predictions about the number of orphans living in orphanages and foster families for the future. Analyzed statistical data on budgetary and extrabudgetary funding of orphanages and foster families.

Fedorov V. K.
Background of New Forms of Health-Related Tourism
The paper analyzes the systemic conditions of new forms of medical health tourism, a classification that reflects the current state of the industryis given.

Cheporov V.V.
Direct and Inverse Problems of Cost Driver Allocation in the System of ABC and Target Costing for Higher Education Institutes
We consider an non traditional approach to the cost allocation among production units. Typically, costs for production units are redistributed according to the matrix of normalized cost drivers. Sometimes there is an inverse problem where the known cost of product units is necessary to determine the cost of division units prior to their distribution. This problem is related to target costing. We propose to use a matrix of drivers is not normalized, and normalized division units costs or their product cost. It is proposed to allocate themselves cost not, and their drivers on the basis of the ABC method for universities.

Cheporova G.E.
Definition and Classification of Special Disciplines as Bases of Professional Competence Formation for the Future Economists
The concept of educational discipline is in-process considered as a making structure of higher education; the various going is analysed near classification of disciplines in world practice; disciplines, related to preparation of economists, are selected. On the basis of comparative analysis European, Russian and Ukrainian educational standards determination of professional'nkh disciplines is given in preparation of students of economic specialities.

Yarosh O.B.
Migration Processes in the Border Areas of Ukraine in View of Globalization
The article analyzed the nature of migration processes in the border regions of Ukraine. Determined by the intensity and direction of migration flows, identified the nature of labor migration in the light of globalization, with recommendations for improvement of migration policy of Ukraine.

Dobrovenko, O.A.
Strategic Planning in Banking Institutions of Ukraine: Legal Aspect
The article is considered the current state of strategic management in the banking institutions of Ukraine. The problem of the strategic planning process in the domestic banking system regulation and taking into consideration the revised legislation is analyzed.

Voloshin A.I.
The Curve of Economic Regulation and its Interpretation
The problems of correlation and combination of market and state mechanisms of regulation of national economies. It is shown that the modern economy is a complicated and contradictory interaction mechanism of the market and the state, private and public sectors, market self-regulation and government intervention. We propose and describe a curve control of the national economy, which is a graphical illustration of the interaction of these two mechanisms in modern national economies.

Ianshyna A. M.
Instruments of International Financial Organizations: Peculiarities and New Trends
The author analyses main characteristics and dynamics of financial instruments used by the International Financial Corporation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in emerging markets. Key peculiarities of the IFC and EBRD activity during the world economic and financial crisis are revealed.

Kolesnik Ya. V.
Basic Approaches to the Development of Statistical Software for Banking Capital Management
The article is devoted to basic approaches researching to creation of statistical support of control by formation of own capital. The main methodological aspects of this problem, and also the influence of separate factors on the change of the effectiveness level of banking capital functioning are considered.