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Vol. 24 (63). № 1. 2011
Economy and Management


Apatova N.
The Creation of Innovative Development Strategy Using Goals Programs Methods
The method of goals programs creation, which can realize the strategy of innovative development, principles and stages of creation, criteria of estimation of results, informative base and financial providing, is examined.

Bakumenko M.O.
Comparative Analysis of Investment Decision-Making Models in the Real Sector of Economy
The article offers a comparative analysis of two economic and mathematical models of investment decisionmaking – one developed by Belz O.G. and the other proposed by the author. Using single calculation data, the author makes an experiment resulting in common conclusions with regard to the feasibility of implementing a real investment project.

Barsegyan A.G.
The Perspectives of Reforming of the World Currency System
In this article the most perspective ways of reforming of world currency system are under consideration. Lacks of modern world financial architecture on the basis of the analysis of the international currencyfinancial relations come to light. The gold role as monetary active through a prism of performance by it of functions of world money is investigated.

Druzin R.
The System of Education Specialist's Improvement for Institute Bankruptcy
In article education's problems are considered for institute bankruptcy. On base of the benchmark analysis of the systems of specialist's education for institute bankruptcy in Ukraine, the Russia, Belarus is offered ranking to licenses, increase of time of the education specialist, change the structure of the program of the education.

Ermolenko G.G.
Increase of Financial Firmness of Recreational Enterprise on the Example of VAT «Tourist-Health-Improvement to the Complex Pike «Perch»
Theoretical bases of concept of financial firmness are exposed, general description of VAT «TOK pike «Perch» is resulted, executed analysis of financial firmness of enterprise on the example of VAT «TOK pike «Perch», offered measures on the increase of financial firmness of analyzed enterprise.

Ermolenko A.G., Manger V.N.
Promotion of Investment Activities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
The analysis of the direct investments' cash flow brought by foreign companies to Autonomous Republic of Crimea is carried out in this article. The analysis of investments made by domestic companies to foreign economics regarding the kind of activity, countries and regions is also included.

Ivanov S.V., Moskaleva Yu.P.
Implementation of Business Applications
The main steps of the business applications implementation have been considered, the main questions and tasks that the developers have to resolve have been set, the possible ways and approaches of managing of such kind of projects have been given.

Kemalov A.A.
Resources Provide for Innovational Saving-Energy Policy into Building Construction
The author of the article presents the analysis of sufficiently resources providing for innovational saving energy activity of enterprises construction complex of Ukraine.

Klimchuk S.V.
Finance Methods of Manager Equating of the Economical System
I the article is marketed the levels equating of the economical system, which used finance methods to manager economical developments.

Kovalenko O.U.
Methodical Bases of Prognostication of the Financial State of Enterprise
Modern methodical approaches are analyzed to prognostication of the financial state of enterprise. It is led to, that the use at prognostication of the financial state of enterprise of only method of extrapolation does not allow taking into account such factors of influence on the level of necessity in a net circulating capital in a short-term period, how the term of circulating of supplies, account and creditor receivable is. It is grounded, that at the use of method of terms of circulating of capital it is needed to take into account circumstance that circulating terms are not normative, and change under act of different factors. It is definite, that the most complete picture of possible changes of the financial state of enterprise gives the method of drafting of prognosis balance sheet. For successful prognostication of the financial state of enterprise the given method must be complemented by the use of method of analysis of sensitiveness (Sensitivity Analysis).

Kolodiy S.Yu.
Features of Forming and Development of Institutional Economic Theory in Ukraine: Theoretical Heritage of M.I. Tugan-Baranovskiy
This paper investigates the problem of forming and development of institutional economic theory in Ukraine. Author studies theoretical heritage of M.I. Tugan-Baranovskiy in institutional theory of cooperation, social distribution and economic conditions.

Kolodiy S.Yu.
Rationale for Government Financial Resource Balancing Regulation in Contemporary Conditions
This paper investigates the problem of rationale for government financial resource in contemporary conditions of socio-economic development of Ukraine. Author specifies content of definition «government financial resource» and «balance of government financial resource» based on actual institutional environment. In paper author justifies for government financial resource balancing regulation in contemporary conditions of Ukraine economy development.

Korolyov O.
Estimation Methodic of Enterprise Information Potential
The definitions of enterprise information force are shown. In the paper the enterprise' information force is proposed as measure of enterprise' information potential. The methodic of enterprise' information force estimation is proposed.

Kuznetsov M.M.
Socio-Economic Context of the Countries Involved in the Globalization Process World Economy
We consider the conceptual features of the process of globalization of world economy. We study the epoch of development of market relations in terms of pre-industrial, industrial and postindustrial systems of social reproduction. Highlighted the criteria and attributes determine the interaction potential of the country, on the basis of its proposed classification of countries according to the degree of their involvement in the process of globalization.

Kussy M.Y.
Three Parameter Model for Price's Dynamic Forecasting on Financial Market
Forecasting model, which is using quantitative measure of market's reflexivity and three parameters, that characterizing acting trend's condition, is suggested in article. It's shown, that for forecasting price's dynamics on financial market in real time mode it's essential to consider «market's memory», its current volatility and arising trend's power.

Malkov S.V.
Commercial Risks in E-Commerce
Current commercial risks are considered in E-Commerce which could negatively influence the successful development of business and also the ways of risks minimization.

Nekhaychuk D.V.
Effect of Administrative-Territorial Reform for Financial Support of Regional Development

There are learned the main problems of reforming the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine. It is very important during the foundation of the Ukrainian statehood. Attention is given to the legal, economic and organizational conditions for effective implementation of the functions of local government, building a quality system of financing for regional development. There are conclusions about of the need for reforms in the administrative-territorial system, the system of local self-government in Ukraine. It is aimed at solving
important problems.

Pikalov V.
Current State and Prospects for Development of Trade and Economic Relations of Ukraine with the Near East Countries
In the article the current state of collaboration of Ukraine with the Near East countries is examined. Importance of region is underlined for Ukraine in the conditions of globalization. Priority directions of collaboration and separate elements of strategy of development of collaboration with the Near East countries are selected.

Pobirchenko V.V.
National Innovation Systems in the Global Economies
In article the given estimation of researches NIS on the basis of generalization and ordering of sights at its essence and structure. The condition of formation NIS in foreign countries is estimated. Are revealed a problem and prospects concerning introduction of innovative model of development of economy of Ukraine.

Popov V. B.
Strategies of Evolutionary in the Creation of Optimal Credit Portfolio for Financial Enterprise
An important practical task, which consists in the creation of optimal credit portfolio, is decided in this article.

Rybnikov A.M.
Insurance as Method of Permission of Contradiction between the Theoretical and Statistical Sizes of Actual and Effective Ettlings
The playing model of co-operation of center and agent is built, showing, that distinction between an effective and actual salary can be explained by that a neutral to the risk center ensures the agents indisposed for a risk against the changes of size of salary depending on the state of nature.

Rybnikov M..S.
To the Estimation of Cost of Teaching of Commercial Student
The method of determination of minimum cost of teaching of commercial students is offered in the state institute of higher, which achievement of break-even point is the basis of at the incomplete budgetary financing and limit on the maximum contingent of students, set by a license.

Sigal A. V.
Game-Theoretical Model of Investment Decisions
The model of project analysis, based on the joint application of game theory and fuzzy mathematics, is offered in this article. The features of application of this method are considered in the field of different information situations. A concrete numerical example is considered.

Sokolova J. V.
Bologna Process: Ukrainian Aspects
The paper stipulates that the main factor of sustainable social development in Ukraine is the study and management of intellectual resources. The economic factor of becoming the "new" middle class is Investigated. The trends of development of knowledge economy in the context of the Bologna Declaration is described.

Suboch К.
Еconomic Mechanism of Motivation Creative Labour: Essence and Constituents
Considered and generalized approaches to research of motivations of creative labour. On the basis of analysis of theories of motivation of labour certain essence constituents of economic motivations of creative labour. Grounded necessity of development of effective mechanism of motivation of creative labour.

Fedorov V. K.
Interactive Information Goods and Prospects of It's Use in Tourism Industry
This paper investigates the processes and phenomena arising from the synergy of Web 2.0 business applications and tourism industry. The classification of interactive information goods and instances of it's practical use in the tourist industry are given.

Cheporov V.V.
The Accounting Nature of the Balanced Scorecard System
In work the proof of communication of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and accounting systems is resulted. To be resulted distinction between standard cost system of the accounting and the BSC, the model of balance equation for BSC perspectives is under construction. Conclusions are drawn on importance of the BSC as tool of the strategic planning, connecting the strategic goals and the tactical problems .

Shutaieva E.A.
Realization of Export Potential of a Metallurgical Complex of Ukraine in a Context of Development the World Market of Metals
In article tendencies of development the world market of metal are considered, and also directions of development and realization an export potential of the domestic metallurgical enterprises and increase of their international competitiveness in modern conditions are revealed.

Yarosh O.B.
The Dynamic Model of Catastrophes of International Socio-Economic Development
The global dynamic model of catastrophes of socio-economic development is suggested and discussed in the article. Information on two variables is plugged in the system of equations: to the population and energy production. It is shown that crises come forward in a role of self organizing factor, they detain development in 2 times, show up with a certain cadence on different temporal scales.

Ezhakova N.V.
Innovative Product as Object of Accounting
In the article an innovative product as economic category is investigational and as an object of account, and also composition of innovative charges is studied in the system of accounting. An author is consider the method of account of innovative activity of enterprise, offered different authors.