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Vol. 23 (62). № 3. 2010
Economy and Management


Alyeshin S.P., Onischenko E.A.
Neural Network Model of the Ukrainian Territory Investment Attractiveness Factor Analysis
The article is offered the implementation of artificial intelligence methods for assessment the Ukrainian territories investment attractiveness. Factor analysis of Poltava region investment attractiveness was done with the help of Statistica neural network software package. The adequacy of the proposed model of investment attractiveness estimation was determined. The indicators of investment attractiveness, which have the greatest impact on the level of Poltava region investment attractiveness in the year 2008, were identified.

Bekirova S.E.
Essence of Stimulation of Socio-Economic Development of Region
The article is devoted to justify essence of socio-economic development of recreational regions. Aims, tasks, forms and principles of the socio-economic adjusting of development of region, are examined in it. The article contains the concepts of region, state stimulation of socio-economic development, essence of socio-economic development of region, socio-economic stimulation.

Buzni A.N.
Present-Day Marketing System
Unlike widespread fragmentary approach to consideration of marketing or presenting its conception as a complex of various devices for marketing research as well as for sales promotion the article deals with a new approach to the definition of marketing as a dynamic system of interconnected components such as: informational, analytical and organizational ones.

Burlay M. N.
Complex Program of Informatization as Factor of Competitiveness and Development of Higher School
The complex program of informatization is presented, which provides increase in rating of higher school at the regional market of educational services, its competitiveness and further development.

Van' Myao
Efficiency is in Sporting-Event Tourism
The improved going is in-process expounded near determination of basic indexes of estimation of efficiency of SET in Destination. It is allowed to expect it income, disengaging oneself from influence of other industries got the socio-economic sphere of Destination.

Vasilenko V.O.
Conflict, Survivability and Idealization of the Systems
In the article the questions of survivability of the production systems are examined taking into account laws and conformities to the law of their development. The necessity of permanent changes is grounded into the production systems and their reasonable adaptation to the external environment on the basis of of principle new approach (idealizations of the systems).

Vasilenko V.О.
Essence and Value of Management of Creativity
The article reviews the questions is actuality of creativityof management, his understanding and interpretation, essence and necessity of application in modern terms.

Vershytsky A.V., Vershytska O.R.
Infrastructural Maintenance of Increase of Tourism Competitiveness
Comparative analysis has been made; the definitions of such concepts as tourism infrastructure, infrastructure of tourism services market, infrastructure of tourism industry have been given in the article. The role and importance of infrastructure at increase of regional tourism competitiveness has been defined.

Volkov I. А
The Government Control Role of Economy of Agriculture and Industry in Development of Motivation of Agrarian Labour
The positions of agrarian theory, on which, in our point of view, an agrarian policy and government control of industry must be built in the conditions of market, were formulated in the article.

Volskaya G.K.
Features of Communication Complex in the Structure of Tourist Product Promotion
The communications and marketings communications complex essenceis is determined, addressees and their intercommunication are considered in detail, the basic facilities of tourist product promotion, their practical application on domestic tourist enterprises are studied , failings and dignities of every element are exposed in the communication complex structure.

Gontar T.N.
Business Process Reengineering in Tourism Industry Enterprises on the Base of Logistic Approach
Main principles of business process reengineering in tourism industry enterprises are considered in the article. As a result of research it is discovered that the most effective strategy of business process reengineering conducting is logistic approach usage, as well as application of intellectual description standards, implemented in the form of software.

Dikhtyar A.I.
Tourism is Priority of European Development of Crimea
Answering is analysed world calls and national interests of problem of after-crisis development of industry of tourism in Ukraine and Crimea.

Dobrovolskaya O.P.
Economic Programming in System of Realization of the State Economic Policy: the Analysis of World and Domestic Experience
In work the analysis of the basic methodological aspects of world and domestic experience of economic programming in a context of realization of the state economic policy is carried out.

Dobrovolsky A.V.
Substantiation of Priority Directions of Modernization of Economic System Ukraine
To work priority directions of modernization of national economic system are proved, conditions and factors of its achievement are analyses.

Islyamova E.R.
Strategy in the Management of Company Value
The article justifies the need for strategy development company focused on improving value. Different kinds of strategies that are classified by the nature of development, an approach to choosing and implementing the strategy.

Kamenskikh E.A.
Methodological Bases of Forming and Development of Human Capital are in the Socioeconomic System of Region
Methodological bases of development of conception of forming of human capital are probed in the article.

Karlova A.I.
Essence and Systematization of Risks in Innovation
The article describes the nature of the risks and identified key features of the classification of risks, analyze relations between the concepts of "risk" and "indefinite period". The essence of innovation and risk presented systematization of risks in innovation.

Kartashevskaya I.F.
Statistics and Primary Account are in Tourism. Ways of Optimization and European Integration
On the basis of analysis domestic and international normatively legal base, the lacks of methodology of statistical account are exposed in domestic tourism. Consisting of primary account is explored of industry of tourism, the ways of improvement of raising of statistical account are offered.

Kolody S.Yu.
Institutional Traps in Forming and Using of Government Financial Resource
This paper investigates the problem of institutional traps in forming and using of government financial resource. Author describes the basic types of lock-in effect and proposes their classification criterion of influence for government financial resource balancing. In paper author proposes the basic ways for eliminate and minimize the impact lock-in effect on the forming and using of government financial resource.

Kuzmina O.M.
Modern Tendencies in Development of the Marketing Research Industry in the World and Ukraine
Modern tendencies in development of the marketing research industry in the world and Ukraine are analyses. Such aspects are reflected as: dynamics of the turnover services of the marketing research in the world and Ukraine; share countries in development of the marketing research industry; leading world and Ukrainian marketing research companies; main methods and instruments taking marketing research in the world and Ukraine; influence of the world finance crisis on development of the marketing research industry.

Gilbert Mabiala
Factors and Ways for Increasing the Efficiency of Formation and Use of Labor Capacity of the Rural Economy’s Areas
The article deals with contemporary problems of labor potential of rural areas and justified the main factors and ways of increasing the efficiency of its use as a constituent element of modern economic trends in rural areas.

Mironova T.L., Protsay A.F.
Scientific and Methodological Support of Organizational and Staff Audit of the Company
The scientific and methodological support of organizational and staff Audit of the Company has been investigated in the article. The content and information support of audit of human resources processes and audit of organizational structures have been grounded.

Murava-Sereda A.
Patterns of Innovative Development of National Economies: the European Experience
The patterns of innovation policy of EU countries were investigated. The generalized schemes of the innovation policy were created due to aggregation of empirical material, which was obtained by processing statistical information. The "Typical portraits" of innovative development were built.

Nagorsky Yu.A.
Key Aspects of Personnel’s Performance Estimation
An influence of internal organizational and motivational factors on effectiveness of workers’ activity is analyzed. For the proper estimation of workers’ performance a conception is proposed to apply it within the frame of corporate model of working behaviour and perception. This conception secures the growth of employees’ system competences to serve enterprise’s strategic interests.

Nekhay V.V.
Information Support of the Enterprise on the Basis of Marketing
In article the information component of marketing maintenance of administrative activity is considered, directions of maintenance of process of realization of separate functions of marketing are defined, and also necessity of introduction of marketing management at manufacturing enterprise is proved.

Onischenko K.M.
Main Directions of Development Strategy of Agriculture of Ukraine
In the article summed up the transformation of agriculture in Ukraine. The result revealed the negative consequences of its implementation and the developed areas of agricultural development strategy in the period for 2012 – 2015 yy.

Podsolonko V.A.
Maintenance of Outstripping Development of Economy on the Basis of its Amplification
In clause parameters and elements of the organizational-economic mechanism of maintenance of outstripping development of economy are revealed on the basis of amplification of its innovative component. Necessity of growth of volumes of scientific and technical works at the enterprises providing their development at a level of the world standards is proved. Key words: outstripping development of economy, an innovation, factors of adequacy of rates of growth of a total regional product, rates of growth of volumes of scientific and technical works

Podsolonko M.V., Basiladze K.G.
Monitoring of Influence of Marketing on Development of Recreational Business
The role of marketing from a position of actualization of his mechanisms for development of small business in cluster’s organizations of produce is investigated; marketing is actualized in a direction of orientation to needs of the population and resources opportunities of regions in creation of the new enterprises and formation of new workplaces.

Pushkareva E.V.,Volochkov A.A.
Interactive Maps as an Instrument of Marketing of Innovations in Tourism
The article describes the main advantages of advertising based on online maps and some general recommendations that focused on the tourist profile commercial.

Rotanov G.N.
Strategic Aspects of Public Administration of the Ukrainian Shipbuilding Development
The article discusses various approaches to assessing the actual and potential indicators of development of shipbuilding in Ukraine and on their basis the conceptual approaches to the strategic direction of the industry are developed.

Skorobogatova T.N.
Education Logistics: Identity and Place in Service Logistics
The article is devoted to education as a branch of the logistics service logistics. Particular attention is paid to the formation of human flows in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, formed of teachers and students. We consider the direct and indirect regulation of data flows. The causes of and characterize the flow characteristics of consumers of educational services.

Tverdokhlebov N.I.
Condition of Ukraine External Trade with Countries of Customs Union and European Union: Comparative Analysis
Ukraine's trade in goods dynamics and structure with countries of Customs Union and EU are analyzed. Developments of trade balance are studied. Conclusion are made about expediency of search such forms of economic co-operation Ukraine with CU and EU countries which allows dynamically develop connections in both integration directions.

Tkachenko T.I., Kostin S.A.
Franchayzing as an Innovative Form of Business is in Tourist Industry of Ukraine
The characteristic of the development of franchise systems in the tourism industry of Ukraine described the life cycle of franchise systems, formulated systematic approaches to valuation franchise.

Tsyekhla S.Yu., Chernorotov A.V.
Features of Investment Processes in Ukraine at the Present Stage
In article the basic acts regulating investment activity in Ukraine, principal views of investment tools, the factors influencing an investment climate are described.

Shvets I.Yu
Strategic Directions for Competitiveness Management of Tourism Services
The article describes the cluster system and its impact on integration and investment processes between the actors of the tourist market, distribute tasks and responsibilities between levels of the focal point.

Shvets Yu.Yu.
The Territorial Structure of the Tourist Market
The article describes the territorial structure of the tourist market. The causes, factors creation of district process tourist creation of district. Analyzed various types of recreational activities in accordance commensurate recreational space.

Yachmeneva V.M., Klevets N.I.
Optimization of Property Participation of the Enterprises in a Strategic Alliance
Approaches of analysis of the systems are considered in the decision of problems of observance of interests of participants of strategic alliance at the specific market. The method of optimization of the property participating is offered in alliance of the interested parties on the basis of function of utility and meaningfulness on the whole.

Curbatov Oleg, Louyot-Gallicher Marie , Bonnemaizon Audrey
La Competence du Consommateur : Etat d’Avancement de la Recherche
Cette communication fait état de l’avancement d’une recherche sur une analyse conceptuelle des compétences du consommateur en situation, telles qu’appréhendées en recherche en marketing, mais aussi telles que définies en sciences de gestion et en sciences de l’éducation. Cette analyse croisée est menée dans la perspective d’aboutir à la proposition d’une nouvelle typologie susceptible de mieux comprendre la contribution du consommateur au processus de co-création de valeur et le rôle que peut jouer l’entreprise pour faciliter cette création de valeur. Le cadre conceptuel est illustré d’exemples scénarisés construits à partir de différents dispositifs d’observation et d’une exploitation secondaire de travaux de recherche qui tentent d’en montrer la portée managériale. Elle prend en compte la polysémie de la notion de compétence et la difficulté d’en donner des définitions rigoureuses, et espère contribuer à l’enrichissement des courants théoriques et des travaux managériaux qui s’appuient sur la notion généraliste des compétences des consommateurs.

Chitou I.
La Logistique Organisationnelle : une Nouvelle Architecture du Fonctionnement Operationnel de l’Entreprise
L’introduction des technologies de l’information et de la communication dans le fonctionnement opérationnel des entreprises, tend à modifier les structures logistiques de ces dernières. Il se dessine de nouvelles architectures organisationnelles, sous-tendues par des maillages de flux (informationnels et physiques) au regard de nouveaux modèles économiques d’entreprise qui se développent. La logistique, au départ, fonction de soutien, devient progressivement une logistique organisationnelle, dans une démarche de rationalisation globale de l’ensemble des opérations concourant à l’optimisation de la satisfaction du client. La logistique organisationnelle structure les activités en se focalisant davantage sur la dimension systémique des activités de l’entreprise.

Curbatov O.Yu., Louyot M.C., Bonnemaizon A., Teletska T.V.
La « Competence du Consommateur » dans le Renouvellement des Theories du Marketing
L’article fait état de l’avancement d’une recherche scientifique menée à l’IUT de Saint-Denis (Université Paris 13) et à l’IUT de Créteil (Université Paris Est) en partenariat avec le laboratoire R&D d’Electricité de France et le Département de Français de l’Université Metchnikov d’Odessa sur une analyse conceptuelle des compétences du consommateur. Deux visions, statiques et dynamiques des compétences, sont présentées dans le champ pluridisciplinaire en situations diverses : en recherche en sciences de gestion dont en marketing, mais aussi en sciences de l’éducation et du langage. Cette analyse croisée est menée dans la perspective d’aboutir à la proposition théorique d’une nouvelle typologie de « compétences » susceptible de mieux comprendre la valeur créée par le consommateur et le rôle que peut jouer l’entreprise pour faciliter cette création de valeur.

Onischenko S.K.
Features of Essence and Terms of Realization of Integration Processes in Ukraine
In the article the features of realization of integration processes are considered in Ukraine. It was educed as a result of research, that efficiency of transformation in the conditions of the crisis phenomena and height of globalization of world economy to a great extent depends on the choice of management model.

Nalivaychenko S.P.
Actual Problems of Servicing External Public Debt of Ukraine and its Impact on Financial Security
We study the problem of servicing foreign debt in Ukraine in crisis and post crisis periods. The author describes the main problems associated with the formation of the external public debt, the measures aimed at minimizing the impact of external public debt on the national economy, economic and financial security.