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Vol. 23 (62). № 2. 2010
Economy and Management


Abibullayev M.C.
Balanced Development of the Contemporary Economy: Innovation and Human Resources
In article contemporary lines of innovative development of economic systems are investigated. The role of the human factor in innovation development. The necessityof changing the system of remuneration and pension insurance in the context of innovation development. The mechanisms to balance innovation and human development in the modern economy.

Apatova N.V.
The Role of Small Business in Innovative Processes
The role of small business in the organization of economic reform is described, especially innovative processes is examined, its perspective directions in Ukraine, possibilities of small business are researched in the traditional types of economic activities and in new ones related to development of progressive technologies.

Buzni A.N.
Vector of Innovations in a Paradigm of Adjustable Economy
Comments to the Program of reforms for 2010-2014 ''the Prosrerous society, competitive economy, the effective state'' in the ''for discussion'' on sections are given: education system reform; regulation and business development. The approach to carrying out of reforms on the basis of strengthening of a role of the state in economy of Ukraine is proved.

Vasilenko V.O., Rotanov G.N.
The Primary Sending of Development of Ukraine to the Nearest Years
Some problem questions of crisis are examined in the economy of Ukraine and Crimea. An estimation and some suggestions is given on the output of industries, spheres of production and separate enterprises from a crisis with the purpose of their development and increase of effectiveness of work.

Ermolenko G.G.
On the Necessity of State Support Development of Small Recreational Enterprises
In this paper are considered a modem condition and problems of recreational  complex APK, the model of activity of a local recreational complex and the basic actions on development of the small recreational enterprises is presented.

Ivchenko M.S.
Reforming of Ukrainian Banking System
Some of the main problems of a modern Ukrainian  banking system in interrelation with the Program of economic reforms of Ukraine for 2010-2014 are considered in the article. Special attention is given to a problem of the foreign capital presence in a domestic banking system. The own offers on reforming of banking sector of Ukraine are made.

Kanov O.O.
Role of the State in Realization of Economic Reforms
The situation of the Program of economic reforms on 2010-2014 ''The Supplied society are considered, competitive economy, effective state '' and some offers on amplification a role of the state in realization of economic reforms, optimization of structure and size of public sector, support of small business etc. are made.

Klimchuk S.V.
Taxation and Taxation Administrative in the Aspect of the Economical Reforms
In the article the proposals reforms of the taxation and taxation administrative. This materials be used in the transformations lows of taxation.

Kolody S.Yu., Korchinsky V.E.
Ways of Increasing Financial Independence of Local Authorities in the Context of Economic Reforms
This paper investigates the problem of financial support  regional and local authorities. Based on the statistical analysis authors shows a lack of financial independence of local self-government, high contralization  of budgetary revenues. Authors propose the ways to reform of the mechanisms budget revenues distribution for improving local governments financial independence.

Nekhaychuk Yu.S., Nekhaychuk D.V.
Reforming Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: Problems and Suggestions
There are learned the basic problems of intergovernmental relations in Ukraine, and made proposals for its reform. The authors performed a retrospective analysis of the development  of theoretical models of financial relations and draw conclusions about their upgrade to be implemented in practice in the state. There are summarizes findings on decentralization, revenue and expenditure budgets.

Pavlenko I.G.
Innovative Development of the Educational System
There are different parties cooperation of innovation analysed. The specific of innovative activity is educed in the field of education, that allows to define the criteria of possibility of innovative development the educational system.

Podsolonko V.A., Podsolonko E.A.
The Necessity of Coordination of Objectives Obtains of Economic Reforms in Ukraine
The basic directions of increase of productivity of the economic reforms which are carried out in Ukraine in 2010-2014 are considered. It is offered the organizational-economic mechanism  of maintenance of interaction of the Program of economic reforms and Programs of economic and social development of Ukraine and regions during achievement of end results – increases of well-being of the population in regions of the country.

Tsekhla S.Yu.
Reforming System of Business State Regulation in Ukraine
The basic problems of state regulation of business in Ukraine are considered and actions of assistance to business development are proved. The comparative analysis of regulation of business abroad is carried out and offers on changes in regulation to the politician are formulated. Conclusions concerning business climate improvement in the country are generalised.

Shvets I.Yu.
Healthcare Reform in Ukraine
The article the economic essence, nature and structure of the health system in Ukraine. The basic approaches to healthcare reform.