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Vol. 23 (62). № 1. 2010
Economy and Management


Abibullayev M.
The Conditions and Trends of the Insurance Market of Ukraine
The conditions and trends of the insurance market of Ukraine for 2005-2009 years were considered. The analyzed information: the number of insurance companies, the sum of insurance, both total and net payments and their relation to GDP.

Avdeeva K.V.
Management of Streams in Recreational Sector of Ukraine on the Basis of Logistical Modeling
The concept of the term "logistics" and «logistical system» with reference to recreational sector is specified. Application of logistical modelling to management of the recreational sector, confirmed with that logistical activity is not limited more as it was earlier, only by separate functions, such as transportation, a cargo transportation, warehousing and kommissionirovanie is proved, and mentions all functions and processes of an integrated system of value creation. The basic models in logistical systems which are expedient for applying to management of streams in the recreational sector of Ukraine are revealed.

Apatova N.
Institutional Factor of the Economy Growing
The model of economic growth, an institutional factor, being a function a few the variables, is included in which, is examined: laws, business, organs of state and regional administration, market and national features.

Bezmaternykhv V.G.
Optimization of Relations between Labor and Capital in the Modern Economy of Ukraine
In the article foreign experience is analyzed on the removal of conflict between labor and capital by means of the active engaging of workers of enterprises (firms) in the process of receipt of capital income. Possibility of his application is examined in the modern economy of Ukraine.

Berezhna Y.S.
Sustainable Development of Agriculture
In article author has defined the main preconditions of the sustainable development concept origin and statement, has considered its general principles and goals, investigated the role and place of the agriculture in condition of the sustainable development. The author concludes about practicability of the transition on principles of the organic agriculture as efficient instrument of the sustainable development.

Danilchenko V.
The Essence Description of Category is the «Efficiency» of the Financial-Economic the Activity Enterprises of Wholesale Trade
The analysis of essence of concept «efficiency» is conducted in this article, modern interpretations of efficiency of financial-economic the activity of enterprises of wholesale are explored. Own classification of indexes of efficiency of financial-economic the activity of enterprises of wholesale is certain an author, on basis of which three directions of estimation efficiency of financial-economic the activity embark:

  1. profitability of some resources (phenomena);
  2. high-quality indexes of efficiency;
  3. quantitative indexes.

Dmitriyev V.S.
Theoretical Principles of Developing Countries Providing Competitiveness under Influence of International Bank Capital
This article argues the issue research to theoretical experience of formation the modern system of interaction with transnational banks in the transitive countries, financial mechanisms of maintenance of competitiveness of national economy are given reason.

Yergin S. M.
Concentration's Level of Production in Sector of Booty Build-Mineral Raw Material
In the article the calculation of basic indexes concentration product in the sector of booty is carried out buildmineral raw material, the level of concentration and structural changes is exposed in sectors, and also the dominant in the analysed period form of market is shown.

Ermolenko G.G.
The Research the Concept of Financial Stability of the Managing Subjects: Theoretical Aspects
The article analysis the theoretical going the conducted interpretation the essence of the concept "Financial stability of enterprise". On the basis of researches the different approaches in determination of concepts on the studied question of the Ukrainian, Russian and foreign scientists-economists, a summarizing conclusion is done.

Zhurba I.S.
Developing of Mortgage Notion
Comparative analysis of mortgage notion by Ukrainian and foreign researches has been presented. The 'synthetic model of mortgage notion' suggested at the paper. Interpretation of basic mortgage notions is developed.

Kovalenko O.U.
Prospects of Development of Economic Analysis in Modern Terms
The article is devoted to the research of development's prospects of the economic analysis in Ukraine, having the purpose to supply enterprises with economic and financial stability. Preconditions of financial and economic state crisis's occurrence and its influence on results of the enterprises' economic activities are analyzed. Practical recommendations concerning the analysis of economic activities of the enterprises, which give the chance to prevent insolvency in the conditions of uncertainty, are developed. The controllable forecast method (tracking-signal) is offered as a way to define the distributed resource's actual quantity in tasks of resources' distribution.

Kolodiy S.Yu.
How to Use Game Theory for Budget Process's Analyzing
The necessity of use of analytical tools of game theory to investigate the institutional features of the budgeting process in Ukraine. The author reveals the essence of the conflict between the various actors involved in the drafting of the budget and its approval

Medgitova R.
State Mechanisms of the Budgetary Regulation
The state mechanisms of the budgetary adjusting are examined, including by financial resources, small and middle business, pursue of monetary and social policy in Ukraine.

Nikitina M.G., Lukianenko V.A., Rudnickiy A.O.
Intellectualization of Decision Support Systems of Balance Management between Economic Security, Competitiveness and Openness of National Economy
Level of Ukraine economy liberalization is considered on the basis of optimum balance between indicators of openness, competitiveness, economic safety. The algorithm of functioning intellectual systems of support of decision-making of economy liberalization operating level is generated.

Pobirchenko V.V., Nasibyan N.R.
Modern Tendencies of the World Wine Market Development in the Context of Ukrainian Producer's Entrance into it
The authors analyze the modern conditions, reveal the problems and the prospects of development of the world wine market, and give the characteristic of the basic features of viniculture and winemaking agriculture of Ukraine.

Poteiv A.T.
The Problems and Perspectives of Transport Systems Development in Past Crisis Period
The article is devoted to the complex mutual connected problems of the development transport sistem in the pastcrisis period. The quaraneeing of cargo flow, the modernizing of sea ports power productivity, the forming total informative space for transport and the creation of intellectual transport sistem are considered in this paper.

Priputnikov A.A.
The Economic Security as an Institutional System
Transformation processes influence on the problems of economic security and evolution of this concept interpretation is rotined. Description of signs of economic security, as an institutional system is given.

Rybnikov A.M.
A Model of Increase of Effectiveness of Scientific Activity of Department is in the Institute of Higher
The playing model of co-operation is built between to the managers by the department of institute of higher and its faculty advisors in the process of distributing of the educational and scientific loadings, allowing promoting effectiveness of scientific activity of department due to the optimum redistribution of loading.

Cheporov V.V., Ros L.L.
The Financial Indicators of Balanced Scorecard for Higher Education Institution
In work application of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) at universities is considered. The hierarchy of perspectives of the BSC and a role of financial perspective in the higher education institution is discussed. Degree of similarity and differences in indicators of each of four perspectives of the BSC at various universities is analyzed. Conclusions are drawn on the greatest similarity of indicators for financial perspective and its domination at realization of the BSC for the Ukrainian higher schools. Possibility of application of the BSC as for separate structural divisions of higher school, and separate processes is considered.

Cheporova G.E.
Formation Core Competences in Strategic Management of Higher Education Insitutes on the Basis of Professional Competences of its Staffs
In work the mechanism of attraction of employees of higher education institutes with their professional competence of various branches of knowledge for formation institutional core competences is considered. The data the core competence concerns formation of skills of strategic planning on the basis of balanced scorecard indicators.

Shutaieva E.A., Tropanets N.A.
Food Security as a Social and Economic Category, its Content and the Basic Directions for Achieving in the Conditions of Globalization
The modern approaches to the definition of food security's essence as a social and economic category are considered. The directions of food security's maintenance in the conditions of globalization in a context of sustainable economic development are revealed.