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Vol. 22 (61). № 2. 2009
Economy and Management


Andrash E.
Risk as the Influence Factor on Investment Attractiveness of Ukraine
The interrelation of investment risk and investment attractiveness of the country is considered. The investment climate of Ukraine and its basic components - social, economic and political system, the legislation regulating investment activity, is analyzed. Levels of investment risk and methods of its estimation are considered.

Andrushkiv B.N., Stoyko I.I., Melnik I..N.
Prospects and Mechanisms of Activation of Development of Tourism of Ternopol'schiny (Methods of Programming of Tourist Activity as a Mean of its Activation)
The modern state, problems and prospects of development of tourist industry of region, is analysed in the article. On the example of the Ternopol'skoy area the economic mechanism of programmatic activation of tourist activity is examined organizationally on innovative logistic principles.

Аrsenenko A.Yu.
Country Risks Indicators of Ukraine as a Factor of Activation of Foreign-Economic Activity
Comparative analysis of country risk of Ukraine with basic foreign-trade partners from CIS and similar in the level of socioeconomic status full and associate members of EU is realized. Problems in Ukraine's indicators are elicited; arrangements for optimization of the situation are offered. Calculation of the efficiency of the offer arrangements is executed.

Bachmanova A.
Tasks and Methods of Information Possession Analysis for Marketing Research in a Service Field
Basic marketing research types of a service field are examined in the article. Search and final research types as well as optimal methods of information collecting are detailed. Version of research types classification in a service field is proposed.

Bashta A.I., Smirnov V.O.
The Problems of Transformation of Economy and Strategic Development of Region on the Base of Renewable Energy
The prospects of the use of renewable energy sources in Crimea are considered, similarly possible directions of transformation of economy on the basis of these energy sources. The problems of introduction of renewable energy sources in Crimea are described.

Belouschenko Yu.A.
Market of Services of Fishing Tourism of Segmentation
The structure of market of services of fishing tourism is investigational in the article, this market of services segmentation is executed, the distinctive features of tourist services are given.

Bessonova А.S
The Interaction of Management System of Skiing Tourism and Separate Branches of Industry of Ukraine as a Factor of the State Economy Stabilization
The necessity of economic stabilization of the state by means of perfection of the management system of the skiing tourism of the Аutonomous Republic of Crimea is examined in the article. It is emphasized that the skiing tourism development promotes expansion of domestic industrial manufacture and increases competitiveness of industrial production of Ukraine.

Buzni A.N., Akopyan O.
Genesis of the Effect on Exhibition and Fair Services of the Region Economic Development
Historical aspect of the exhibition and fair services appearance and formation is under consideration from the point of view of their effect on the region economic development.

Buzni A.N., Polischuk E.A., Stepanov A.V.
Shadow Economy Level Determination Using a Cognitive Model
Scenario version of the shadow economy transfer into legitimate business worked out by the authors of the work on the basis of cognitive approach is described.

Van' Myao
Basic Dominants of Event Tourism
On the basis of the conducted researches the key dominants of event tourism, methods of their estimation and management principles, are considered by them in market conditions. Some suggestions are given on perfection of sporting ивента.

Vasilenko V.A.
About the New Law of Theory of Organization and his Paradox
In order of discussion the new law of theory of organization is offered: «Law of increase of degree of ideality», exposed on the basis of research of conformities to the law of development of the technical systems and in accordance with universal natural laws. Applicability of the offered law is grounded, however, his action in a limit results in a paradox are liquidations of organization as such. Interpretation of paradox and way of his permission is offered.

Vasilenko V.А.
Evolution of Economy of Work and a Way of its Development
Questions of occurrence and development stages of "work Economy» as making economy are considered, and also a modern condition of economy of work at the enterprises and ways of its perfection for the purpose of increase of productivity of work of the enterprises are offered.

Vershytsky A.V.
Human Factor of Competitiveness of Crimean Resort and Tourist Product
The role of human factor in providing the competitiveness of Crimean resort and tourist product is considered in the article. The concept of internal marketing as one of the ways of competitiveness increase of enterprises of resorts and tourism is proposed.

Volkov I.А.
Ethnocultural Tourism in Crimea: Essence and Factors of its Development
The article reveals the essence of ethnocultural tourism investigates the reason of its formation and underlines the main factors that influence its development, shows importance for social and economic development of the region.

Gontar T.N.
Integrated Approach Employment for Quality System Developnment of Service Provisioning in Tourism Industry Enterprises
Main principles of quality system development of service provisioning in tourism industry are considered in the article. As a result of research it is discovered that the most effective strategy of quality system implementation on tourism industry enterprise is integrated approach employment with benchmarking, logistic and international quality management system usage.

Dikhtyar A.I.
An Innovative Aspect of After-Crisis Development of Enterprises of Tourist
Answering is analysed world calls and national interests of problem of after-crisis development of industry of tourism in Ukraine and Crimea.

Dobrovolskaya O.P.
Ecologic-Economic Imperatives of Overcoming of the Energy Crisis in Ukraine
In article ecologic-economic and geopolitical imperatives of functioning of a power complex of Ukraine are analyzed, and also tools and mechanisms of overcoming of crisis tendencies of development are proved.

Kartashevskaya I.P.
The Ways of Personnel Underemployment Reduction as a Condition for Crisis Overcome in Tourism
The dynamics of use of labor resources in resort and recreational, tourist spheres is considered on the basis of statistical data; the way of the solving the problem are offered.

Kosolapov A.Yu.
The Food Services Industry as a Basis for Enhancing Ukrainian Tourism and Advancing Commerce in the Larger Context of Eurointegration
The following research paper focused on future perspectives of tourism and resort industries of Ukraine. By making an analysis of economic security factors interdependence in tourism and resort industries, and its influence on tourism product shaping, it is possible to typify spheres of problem. The paper defines and specifys recommendations on strategic priorities of the food services industry in the larger context of WTO.

Kotsyubaylo N.O.
Analysis of Methods of Investments Efficiency Evaluation in Business Education
The methods of investments efficiency evaluation in business education are analysed in the article, the forming sources of educational capital of employees at enterprises are indicated, and also it is exposed, that an educational capital is represented in the index of gross internal product both on profits and on charges.

Kramarenko V.I., Kamenskikh E.A.
The Customer’s Behavior Model on the Market of Goods and Services
The theoretical aspects of marketing the buyer are investigated in the article. On this basis a concept model for management of consumer behavior in the market of goods and services are developed.

Kuzmina O.M.
Modern Tendencies in Development of the International Trade
Modern progress of international trade commodities and services trends are analyses. Such aspects are reflected as: a place of international trade is in the system of international economic relations, state of international economic relations in the conditions of world financial crisis, the rates of growth of international trade are certain in the conditions of crisis, changes and prospects of development are analyses in the commodity and geographical pattern of international trade commodities and services.

Markina I.A., Postavnaya L.P.
The Complex System of Risk-Management as Condition of Increase of Competitiveness of Consumer Co-Operation of Ukraine
The analysis of conceptual approaches to the complex risk management problems of consumer cooperation of Ukraine is carried out. The necessity of risk-management complex system creation is proved (RMCS). The article offers the project of risk-management complex system development and integration with the operating management system, which will increase the level of competitiveness of consumer cooperation of Ukraine.

Martovoy A.V.
Description of Factors of E-Marketing Use at Tourist Enterprises in Crimea
Market, organizational, technological, financial, media and policy factors which influence the use of emarketing at tourism enterprises in Crimea are considered in the paper. Comprehensive consideration of these factors will allow to develop needed conditions for expansion and deepening of the use of e-marketing at the tourism enterprises in Crimea and Ukraine.

Matsova A.S.
Economic Security and Risk Management of Touristic Enterprises
The article provides an account on the basic approaches to the definition of the term of economic security, systematization of threats and risks is offered, an algorithm of touristic enterprises management process is described.

Mironova T.L.
Government Control of Economy in the Conditions of Economic Crisis
The article investigates specifics of the economic crisis in Ukraine and AR Crimea and some anticrisis measures are suggested to overcome the problems of economy on both state and regional levels.

Nagorskaya M.N., Podsmashnaya I.M.
Theoretical Basis of Competitiveness Management
This article offers the conception of management of region competitiveness that factors into peculiarities of functioning of market activity subjects of region, providing consistency of their development goals. Attainment of effective organization of competitiveness management is provided for legible setting off of management object and subject, formation of the system of management of competitiveness potential and the system of management of region competitiveness, selection of optimal methodological approach to competitiveness management.

Nalivaychenko S.P., Nalivaychenko K.V.
The Role of TNC in International Technological Exchange
The perspective direction of the modern world economy system development is the international technological exchange. The great role in this exchange is played by the Trans National Corporation (TNC). The requirements in terms of the effective usage of all types of resources and the improvement of the intellectual processes of production and labour for the development of the economy of knowledge are objectively defined.

Nanivskaya E.V., Podsolonko E.A.
Integration of Innovative Mechanism in the Development of Higher Education of Crimea
The article reviews the major aspects of innovation development of higher education in the ARC. The urgency of the research is the discrepancy in supply and demand in the education market and the labor market.

Nekhay V.V.
The Influence of the Marketings Function to the Economic Activity of the Enterprise
The article represents a problems of the marketing servises that halp their improverment.

Pavlenko I.G.
Research of Management of Development of Recreational Complex of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the New Economic Terms Influence
A division into periods of functioning of recreational complex enterprises of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Basic conceptions of management and development of recreational complex. Comparative description of the stages of development is presented in obedience to the models of organization. Directions, necessary for the improvement of management development of recreational complex of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Paderin A.V
Efficiency of Organization Functioning in the Conditions of Aggressive External Influence
The article runs that it is necessary to take into account influence of external environment if organization wants to put up a good show in the activity. It is thus suggested to examine an external environment in the cut of efficiency which is different for all participants of this environment.

Podsolonko V.A.
Composite Solutions Aimed to Recover from Socio-Economic Crisis at the Regional Level of Ukraine
The level of social and economical development of Ukrainian regions, cities and areas of Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) is analyzed. The methods for estimating the contribution by economic activities in forming the amount of Gross Value by cities and areas in ARK are proposed. The main directions and components of composite solutions to the social and economic crisis in regions of ARC, providing the welfare improvement of population in ARC on the basis of growth in the value of money incomes are proposed.

Podsolonko M.V., Basiladze E.G.
Internet in Tourism Cluster Marketing
The specifics of tourism clusters marketing is being researched in the article. The role of Internet in the marketing mix is being pointed out. The main developments in use of internet for effectiveness of tourism clusters support are being reviewed.

Rotanov G.N.
State Support of Hi-Tech Shipbuilding in Ukraine
The proposals for state support for restructuring the military and civilian high-tech shipbuilding industry in Ukraine are analyzed in Ukraine are analyzed in the article.

Rybintsev V.A., Voloboev V.D.
The Evolution of the Skilled Workers Role in Providing Enterprise Resource
Evolution of judgments, concerning a role of skilled workers in enterprise maintenance, is investigated. The point of view is proved that such personnel category, as skilled workers, is the basic factor of the state social and economic development at the present stage.

Tarasyuk V.D.
The Elements and the Factors of Formation the Organization Culture
The structure of organizational culture of enterprise is defined; the factors of formation the organization culture are distinguished on the basis of conducted analysis.

Tverdohlebov N.I.
Ukraine and CIS-Countries Country Risks: Comparative Value
The value of the country risk ratings and its categories of Ukraine and four countries of the CIS published by Euromoney magazine in September 2009 is considered. Basic factors, influencing on the level of ratings are analyzed.

Tkachenko T.I., Rachko V.I.
Strategy of Marketings Communications of Enterprises of Sanatorium-Resort Business
The successful functioning of any business depends on efficiency of communications. The importance and role of forming marketing communication strategy on the sanatorium-and-resort enterprise is actualized in the conditions of competitive market environment.

Turilo A.M., Kalinichenko V.A.
Perfection of Theoretical Base of Mathematical Design of Economic Risks
The substantive provisions of perfection of theoretical base of mathematical design of economic risks are resulted taking into account probabilistic character of the combined influencing of external and internal factors

Khamidova O.М., Bugaeva I.A.
Image of City
In the article basic strategic directions of development of image of cities are considered, as a new direction in the territorial marketing. On examples from a world to practice the stages of creation of positive image and use of brands of cities are considered.

Khrapko V.N.
Credit Relationship Modeling within Uncertainty Conditions
The author formulated and solved the problem of crediting in uncertainty some probability estimation of insolvency of debtor were made.

Tsyekhla S.Yu
Ordering of Factors of the Tourist’s Industry Development
Factors and directions of their influence on formation of a modern and perspective condition of the tourist industry are considered in article. Criteria are defined and development factors are systematised. Action of external and internal factors is investigated.

Attia N.
Crise Actuelle et Capitalisme
Cet article propose une analyse économique de la crise actuelle à travers ses origines et ses effets. Pour comprendre les racines de la crise, il convient de se poser deux questions essentielles : pourquoi la crise-t-elle née et pourquoi la tempête financière s’est-elle transformée en tsunami entraînant avec elle toute l’économie mondiale. La naissance de la crise est indissociable de son contexte spatial (le capitalisme américain, très différent du capitalisme européen) et temporel (une période d’euphorie financière). Quant à la seconde question, il faut remonter aux débuts des années 80 où le capitalisme, à l’époque managérial, se tourne vers la finance qui va s’hypertrophier et porter la croissance mondiale. Les effets immédiats de la secousse financière sont donc automatiques pour tous les pays : les clignotants de la récession sont au rouge et les prévisions quant à la durée de la dépression varient. Mais, des questions plus profondes se posent : le capitalisme ne peut que sortir transformé de cette épreuve. En autres, les mutations se produiront certainement sur les deux fronts qui correspondent aux deux caractéristiques essentielles de la période écoulée. Le primat de la finance va s’atténuer, et, l’Etat va retrouver un rôle qu’il avait perdu depuis environ 30 ans.

Bonnemaizon A., Curbatov O., Gallicher M.L.
Towards a New Model of Consumer's Competencies through the Application of the Smell Web: the "Exhalia Project"
This communication reports on the progress of a research based on a conceptual analysis of consumer’s competencies, as defined in marketing research and aims at proposing a new model of competencies for a better understanding of the value created by the consumer and the firm. The conceptual framework is illustrated by the use of the Smell Web (Exhalia Project). This illustration is elaborated from a secondary exploitation of a qualitative research. This communication takes into account the polysemy of the notion of competence and tries to contribute to the enrichment of current theoretical and managerial works on value cocreation.

Curbatov O.Yu.
La Mise en Relation de la Valeur Percue et des Axes Strategiques de l'Entreprise pour un Pouvoir d'Achat Efficient du Consommateur (Synthese Scientifique et Managerial)
De plus en plus compétent, le consommateur évalue non seulement le prix, mais aussi différentes valeurs pour faire ses choix. Dans un contexte de crise, il rationalise également ses dépenses et se concentre sur des usages essentiels, au détriment de produits à forte valeur ajoutée. Cette tendance montre la nécessité pour les entreprises de repenser l’efficience du pouvoir d’achat par le biais d’équilibrages des relations entre les valeurs.

Chitou I.
Les "Inefficiences-X" et Performance Globale de l'Entreprise
Toute organisation se doit de rechercher la performance; c’est une préoccupation des managers. La complexification de l’environnement complexifiant les processus organisationnels rendait de facto inapproprié un modèle rigidifié de production. Désormais, il s’agit de privilégier les interconnexions des éléments constituant le système entreprise pour mieux appréhender la globalité de ses processus de création de valeur. L’ensemble des activités de l’entreprise est appréhendée et structurée comme une « chaîne de valeur » donnant une nouvelle vision systémique de l’activité productive. Il est à organiser l’entreprise de telle manière que toutes les fonctions opérantes - approvisionnement, production, distribution, finance - soient imbriquées dans un processus d’optimisation de la valeur perçue par le client. D’une vision statique de la performance au regard de la culture productive taylorienne, on est passé à une culture de la « lean-production » où la performance est quantifiée et qualifiée dans un processus dynamique. Rappelons que le corollaire de la « leanproduction » est le « lean-management » Ainsi constate-t-on que l’appréciation de la performance a changé de nature.