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Vol. 22 (61). № 1. 2009
Economy and Management


Apatova N.
Econometric Model of Regional Innovative Development
The goals and factors of region innovation development are described in the article. The innovative factor has several components which have different influence on the region sustainable innovative development.

Yergin S. M.
Bases for Government Control of the Closed Monopoly on the Market Build-Mineral Raw Material
In the article the problems of monopolization of sector build-mineral raw material found out, in a yak meaningful is the phenomenon - monopolies, created a government, that need the special government control.

Kakutych Y.Y.
Development of Ecological Enterprise in the Conditions of Modern World Crisis
The organizacionno-upravlencheskie aspects of improvement of the system of ecological enterprise are examined in the conditions of modern world crisis. In work the analysis of theoretical-methodological bases of environmental businesses in conditions of globalization and transformation of economic relations, and taking into consideration the priority of ecological component of enterprise sectors development is carried out. The most effective mechanisms of stimulation of ecological enterprise are selected in Ukraine.

Korchinsky V.E.
Reforming the Planning and Forecasting System of Revenues and Expenditures of Local Budgets
The paper considers the problems of planning and forecasting revenues of local budgets, effective use of budget funds. We investigate the directions of reforming the budget system.

Kuznetsov M.
Market of Transport Services Development in Ukraine
Market of transport services of Ukraine development is analysed under influence of transit factor. The necessity of creation of logistic centers (khabov) is grounded for Ukraine. Application of the logistic real estate is examined in becoming of market of transport services.

Kussy M.
The Combined Screen's Method as Base of the Market's Fractal Structures Investigation
The combined screen's method, which is using the capital market's fractal structures for the reason introduction in practical trading, is described in article. The benchmark analysis of the proposed method with the known methods of the technical analysis is realizing.

Minzatova R.
Nature and Role of Budgets in Socio-Economic Development
The concept of budget is exposed in the article, the relations of the state and local budget are exposed, the role of budget is exposed in forming of social and economic relations.

Miroshnichenko A.V.
Dynamics of Tax Inpayments in the Context of Economic Security in Ukraine
Basic disadvantages of present tax system in Ukraine, dynamics of tax inpayments for the last years are analyzed; main tendencies of its modernization to raise the level of national economic security are assigned. 

Nekhaychuk D.V.
Local Loans and their Development in Ukraine
Trere are considered the questions of becoming and development of local loans. The basic problems on their bringing in come to light by organs of local self-government in article. There are formulated suggestions on perfection of mechanism of functioning local loans.

Nikitina M.G.
State Sovereignty and Globalization
Modern conception of space is expounded from public life positions. Contradictions, inherent to state sovereignty in the conditions of globalization, are exposed. The prospects of state sovereignty transformation are proved.

Perzeke N.B.
The Bank Investment Crediting as Economic Category
The bank investment crediting as economic category is probed in the article, his specific functions, tasks, forms, come to light. Determination of the bank investment crediting is given. Description of basic signs of bank investment credit is given.

Rudnickiy A.O.
Features of National Models of International Competitiveness Functioning
The basic elements of models of competitiveness of countries of BRIK are considered. The key indexes of socio-economic development of countries of BRIK are analyzed. The general lines of development of new world economy's «centers of power» are selected.

Rybnikov A.M.
Design as Method of Effective Financial of State Institute of Higher Management
The questions of financing of Ukrainian higher school are considered Probed and certain possible sources of financing of institutes of higher, the models of their financing are exposed taking into account the orientation of the system of education on the market conditions of management with the purpose of increase of its efficiency.

Rybnikov M.S.
The Rating Estimation of Efficiency of the Use of Resources in Higher Educational Establishment Management
On the base of the developed indexes the algorithm of rating estimation of efficiency of the use of resources higher educational establishments is offered, based on the basic forms of the state and statistical accounting.

Sabadash V.V.
Conflict Potential of Ecological factor
Conflict potential of natural resources, as factor of origin of ecological conflict, is investigational. Certain and described category «potential of settlement of ecological conflict», and economic and legal methods, which can be engaged in practical procedures of settlement of ecological conflicts, are offered.

Senyushkina М.А.
The Mоdern Contradictions at the Owners Activity and the Measures of there Overcoming
The problems at the development of the owners activity, which was formed at the conditions of the world financial crises, was analyzed at the article. Business undertakings for the Ukraine is main structural system of the organization of the production-economical activity at the interests of ensuring by goods and service of the necessities of the population and the others spheres of social activity at the economical sphere.

Cheporov V.V,
Crisis of Conception of «Fair Value»
The analysis of going is considered near the estimation of assets of company on a fair value. Conclusions are done, that this conception, being in theory faithful, in practice results in the substantial changes the value of company and generates in large risks, than more early conceptions of historical cost or principle of LCM (lesser of two costs: historical or market).

Cheporova G.E,
Role of State Structures in Formation of the Offer of Volume of Graduates of High Schools on the Labour Market on the Example of Tourist Branch
The interrelation analysis between procedure and a scope of licensing, defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (that is the offer on a labour market), and the branch regional structure influencing demand on a labour market, on an example of tourist branch is considered.

Shutaeva E.A., Pobirchenko V.V.
Transnational Banks in the Conditions of Financial Globalization
The features of process of financial globalization are analyzed in the article. Main directions activity of transnational banks are definite in the conditions of financial globalization. The tendencies of consolidation of world bank sector are considered during a global financial crisis.

Ianshyna A.M.
Newest Developments in the Syndicated Loan Market: Latin American Context
The article deals with the modern trends of the syndicated lending in Latin American countries. The author examines peculiarities of the region's syndicated loan market development for the last decade in comparison with the syndicated loan markets' characteristics in other developing states.