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Vol. 21 (60). № 1. 2008
Economy and Management


Akopyan O.A., Buzni A.N.
Positioning of Ukraine Regions in the Exhibition and Fair Services Market
Characteristics of the exhibition and fair services market in Ukraine are outlined as analysis of displacement of the services in the Ukrainian regions. An attempt to reveal the trend in the development of the exhibition and fair services and their dependence on the economical and social factors of the region development is made. The lack of sufficient state and regional authorities support in regulation of the exhibition market activity in Ukraine is discussed in conclusion.

Belouschenko Ya.A., Vasilenko V.A.
Economic Security and Stability of Functioning of Fish Economy Enterprises.
In the article expounded essence of economic security enterprises of fish economy complex and methods of its integral quantitative estimation. The scopes of areas of safe and effective development  of enterprises are certain.

Bessonova A.S.
Management of International Projects as a Manner of Enhancement of Efficiency of Functioning of Ukrainian Higher Educational Institutions
Topic of the given article is review of importance of project management in development of international relations and foreign economic activity of institution of higher education. International educational projects as complex organizational structure within universities facilitate quality improvement of educational services in Ukraine.

Volskaya G.K., Melamed I.A.
Essence of the ''Timeshare'' Industry in Tourism and the Analysis of the Basic Tendencies of the Rest Possession System in Market Development.
The timeshare essence, the basic tendencies of its use in the world tourist services market, scale of use in the domestic market, and also the analysis of the basic problems and prospects og business development in Ukraine is determined.

Dementjev M.Yu., Erimizina M.I.
Algorithm of Creation of Competitive Mechanism of Management by Use of Labor Resources in Agricultural Enterprises
The programmed practical flow-chart of algorithm of creation of competitive mechanism of management by use of labor resources in agricultural enterprises is proposed.

Dikhtyar A.I.
Synergism of Complex Approach to Tourist Industry Information Standing of the Crimea
In article analyses answering european and national interests problems of creative standing of tourist indastry united information space of the Crimea. Showed, that creation of united information space with tourist industry clusterrisation on basic of fundamental science researches provides synergetic effect for autonomy and for Ukraine on the whole.

Dobrovolskaya O.P.
Tax Regulators of Ecological Security of Region
The work is devoted to a question of ecological processes in modern conditions of regional development.

Dobrovolsky A.V.
Regarding the Ways of Evaluation of Social and Economical Development AR Crimea
The problems of social and economical development AR Crimea are discussed. The ways of evaluation of organizing management are proposed.

Zheludkovsky E.A.
Accordance (Combination) as Key Principle of Competence and Efficiency of Implementation of Works
Essence of ncompetence and its native difference is considered from jurisdictions taking into account their accordance (combination). The model of efficiency of works is offered taking into account three basic critical components: necessary and possible competence, organizational surroundings (internal and external) of enterprise on the basic of observance of principle of their accordance and combination.

Kartashevskaya I.F.
The Peculiarities of Restaurant Business in Ukraine and the Autonomous Repablic of Crimea
The statistic data that provide the concept of public catering in Ukraine and in the Autonomous Repablic of Crimea are examimed. The basic tendencies of restaurant services development and implementing the progressive forms of catering, used abroad Ukraine are considered.

Katalimova A.M., Buzni A.N.
The Active Tourism Needs
Different interpretations of the key terms relating to active tourism are under consideration. Essence of the conception is described. Studies data of some respondents’ preferences to various recreation activities are given.

Kotsyubaylo N.A.
Analysis of the Business Education Market in Ukraine
The analysis of the business education market in Ukraine has been conducted, the secondary data of the survey conducted in years 2006-2007 among participants and graduats of six Ukrainian business schools were learned, and the main tendencies of the national business education development were revealed.

Kravchenko N.A.
Deficit of the Resort Recreation Land Resources as Factor of Effective Methods of Land-Tenure
It is made an analyze of Crimean region problems in the context of deficit of the resort recreation land resources. The special attention during research is given to the questions of principal and rational use of land resources by enterprises of tourist sphere, that, in same queue, determine necessity of increase efficiency of land-.tenure mechanism

Kramarenko V.I.
Informational and Intellectual Economy in Conditions of Globalization
Social and economic problems and contradictions of informational and intellectual economy and prospects of development of Ukraine in conditions globalization processes are considered in the paper.

Kulipanov K.A.
Peculliarities of Agribusiness Managers Motivation Mechanism for High Productivity Performance and the Role of Pay Rise in it
Managers and various specialists payment an motivation systems organization in the market economy is considered in the paper. Suggestions on strengthening the correlation between managers and specialists payment and motivation systems and the final enterprise output, - are given grounds in the paper.

Martovoy A.V.
E-Marketing Management at Tourism Enterprises
Structural and logical chart of e-marketing management at tourism enterprises is proposed in the article. The chart consists of thirteen stages and in contrast to other ones includes such additional stages: definition of target user groups of e-marketing models, and decision in regards to level of e-marketing integration with other processes at an enterprise.

Mironova T.L.
Foreign Experience of Social and Economic Regions Difference Overcome
The peculiarities of the system of territorial development state control in West-European countries are examined in the article. The propositions as for social and economic Ukrainian regions difference are provided.

Mironova T.L., Panova G.S.
Diagnosing Regional Socio Economical Security Provision
The article provides a systematic account of the basic components of economic security of the country on the regional scale and determines problem-oriented tasks on the economic security provision for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Nagorsraya M.M., Pashentsev A.I.
Ecological Licensing of Activity of the Industrial Enterprises
The algorithm of a rating of expediency of economic and ecological licensing of the industrial enterprise is considered, the mechanism of payment of the ecological license by the economic subject is offered.

Nagorsky Yu.A.
An Estimation of Inner Job Content as a Mechanism to Intensify Emotional Motivation of Employers
An estimation of organizational loyalty of employers is suggested as an instrument to stimulate their psychological involvement into work. The development of labourer’s emotional intellect by that way is the powerful source of job efficiency.

Nekhay V.V.
The Influence of the Marketing on the Economic Activity of the Enterprise
The article represents a fanction of indexes of economic activity and shows some measures of the marketing services that halp their improvement.

Onischenko K.N., Onischenko S.K.
The Influence of the Direct Foreign Investments on the Economic Development of the Crimean Autonomous Republic
The state of invest and credit of the economy of the Crimean Autonomous Republic is analyzed here, it is exposed that the basic level of production growth, the invest enlargement into the main capital, the development of the foreign trade in the Crimean Autonomous Republic are the direct foreign investments.

Podsolonko V.A., Skorobogatova V.V.
Innovative Strategy of Development of Economy in Crimea and Ukraine
The condition of social and economic development of Autonomous republic Crimea more than for 10 years is considered. The estimation of influence on this development of a level of fuel and power dependence of economy of Ukraine and Crimea from external suppliers is executed. Innovative ways of elimination of this dependence are offered on the basic of an aggressive policy of motivational character.

Podsolonko E.A.
Structural Optimization of Regional Economy Focused on Increase of its Competitiveness
Dynamics of competitiveness of economy and its components in region is investigated. Variants of achievement of strategic results of competitiveness of regional economy, the well-beings of the population directed on growth are generated. Methods of perfection of management by processes of improvement of structure of the regional economy, directed on maintenance of purposeful growth of its competitiveness are offered.

Podsolonko M.V.
Comparative Characteristic of Tourist Sectors of Ukraine and France
The new perspectives, lying ahead of Ukraine thanks to the possibility to organize Euro-2012 are being review in the article. Examples of tourism development in the leading tourist destination in the world – France – are being made. Effectiveness factors of France’s tourism industry are being analyzed.

Polyschuk E.A., Buzni A.N.
To the Question about Essence of Shadow Economy
The short literary data analysis about a shadow economy, its essence and structure is conducted.

Protsay A.F., Gontar T.N.
Automated Management System Employment for Providing Correlation of Tourism Industry Enterprises
Main principles of automated management system employment in tourism industry are considered in the article. As a result of research it is discovered that automated management system employment provides the field for realization of informational and functional correlation between tourism industry enterprises, government officials and entrepreneurs.

Pushkareva E.V.
Avertisement Effectiveness Assessment as Important Aspect of Management of Tourist Enterprises Competitiveness
Avertisement effectiveness assessment is considered as important aspect of management of tourist firms competitiveness. The existing approaches to the advertisement effectiveness in tourist sphere are considered and systematized. Recommendations as for optimization of advertisement and other factors in the management of enterprises competitiveness are provided.

Srybny V.I.
The Impact of Cooperation in Foreign-Economic Activity on Sustainable Development in Ukrainian Economy
The analysis of impact of cooperationin foreign-economic activity on trades on sustainable development of the economy has been conducted. The main threatening of decreasing the competitiveness of national economy on world  market has been emphasized.

Tverdokhlebov N.I., Arseenko A.Yu.
Condition of Ukraine Real Economic Integration with Countries of Common Economic Space and European Union: Comparative Analysis
Dynamics and structure of trade goods and services and dynamics of mutual direct foreign investments of Ukraine and countries of CES and EU are analyzed. Conclusion are made about expediency of search such forms of economic cooperation Ukraine with countries CES and EU which allows connections dynamically develop in both integration directions.

Khapko V.N.
Moral Hazard and Optimal Contract while Creating Innovative Technologies
Formulated and solved the problem of optimal contracting while implementing of innovations.

Tsekhla S.Yu.
Economic Bases of Recreational Industry and Development Prospects
The theoretical bases of economic activity of resorts, their adaptation to the market conditions for providing their effective functioning and development at the recreational and resort branch are considered in the article, the directions of the work perfection as for structural subdivisions are proposed.

Chesnokov R.E.
Forming of the Single Going Near Determination of Sustainable Development in Tourism
The article is devoted to the questions of determination of essence of sustainable development both at the level of national economy and at the level of single enterprise under market conditions. Authors examine the necessity of determination of the unified approach to  the sustainable development of enterprises in tourism and economy in general by means of analysis of existing interpretations of economic development.

Shvets I.Yu.
Comparative Analysis Determinations Competition, Competitiveness, Quality
In article submitted comparative analysis determinations competition, competitiveness, quality.

Shvets Yu.Yu.
Comperative Analysis Determinations Competition, Competitiveness, Quality
In article submitted comparative analysis determinations competition, competitiveness, quality.

Basiladze K.G.
The Necessity of Integrating the Experience of Ukrainian Enterprises into International Marketing Syllabi
International marketing syllabus is being reviewed in the article. International teaching experience is being analyzed and the ways of course content actualization are being proposed.