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Vol. 20 (59). № 2. 2007
Economy and Management


Apatova N.V.
Economic Growth and Innovations
The problem of knowledge influence on economic growth is described and solved in the article. The innovations have a main role in the modern economy and there are three new factors of growth: knowledge, intellectual labor and intellectual capital.

Karlova A.I.
Abstract: the Methods of the Financing the Medical Services
In article are considered main ways of the financing the medical services. Present’s particularities of the financing of medicine in countries, in which occurs changes of public health’s.

Karpenko A.V.
The Cluster-Based Approach to Organization of Agrifood Industry Complex
In this paper a cluster conception in the context of cooperation and integration processes in agrifood industry of Ukraine was concerned. There were analyzed an ability of solving some problems in the sphere of agrifood industry by applying this concept, its perspectives and expediency. In order to promote the cluster developing process in Ukrainian economy some approaches to developing clusters and forming their organizational structure were proposed.

Kirichenko E.A., Halilova E.M.
Resourse-Ecological Safety of the Enterprise
Report is presented the essence and value of resourse-ecological safety and its influence on economic development are considered. Its value for a level of the enterprise is certain.

Kolody S.Yu.
Issue of Shifting Effect in Structure of Local Budgets Revenues Influence on Fiscal Decentralization in Ukraine
In the article the fiscal decentralization in Ukraine is investigated. Author shows the shifting effect in structure of local budgets revenues and makes a correlation analysis between dynamics of intergovernment transfers and fiscal decentralization. Author proposes ways to improve the systeme of local budgets revenues.

Korchinsky V.E.
The Main Problems and Directions of Treasury System Improvement during Cash Execution of Income Budget
The nature of cash execution of income budget through threasury system is researched, the composition and structure of Arc’s incomes in 2002-2005 analysis is conducted. The main problems of income budget execution are indicated and methods of cash budget execution system improvement are suggested.

Kotov B.S.
Distinctive Peculiarities of Pricing in Internet
Main mechanisms of price-building in Internet were studied. Influence of brans and Internet shop on customers was described. The analysis of main factors influencing price elasticity was carried out.

Nekhaychuk Yu.S., Nekhaychuk D.V.
About a Management an Account Receivable of Water Enterprises
The primary purpose of management an account receivable consists in minimization of its size and terms of collection long. The control an account receivable system consists of credit politic which settles maximally effectively to use an account receivable as instrument of increase sale, and complex of measures which are directed on the decline of risk of origin of overdue or hopeless account receivable.

Nikitina M.G., Stukalyuk A.V.
Energy Cooperation in the Black See Region: Problems and Prospects of Development
In this paper the problems and prospects of energy cooperation in the Black See region are considered in the regional and European integration processes context.

Pobirchenko V.V.
Current Trends of Shade Economy in Ukraine
The concept of a “shade economy” in the context of classification of economic activity was defind. Methods of scoring shade processes were studied. Tendencies of the Ukrainian shade economy were analyzed. There were revealed factors resulting in shadowing of the economy.

Pobirchenko V.V., Shibaeva A.V.
To the Question of the Estimation of Competitiveness of Crimea in the Black See Region Market of Recreation Services
The comparative assessment of the recreation branch of Crimea wich the similar places of public resort of the Black See region was given. Problems were revealed and prospects of indices improvement were scheduled.

Radko A.A., Kravchenko L.A.
Priority Directions of Preservation and Development of the Human Capital in Ukraine
Considered economics aspects of formation and use of the human capital; the influence of migration processes on development of economy is investigated; the directions of development of the human capital are determined.

Romanyuk E.V.
The Influence of Migration Processes on the Ukrainian Labor Market
The internal and external migration processes have more influence on the Ukrainian labor market. There processes organized in two groups of factors: one group is negative and second group is positive. The author analyzes the influence of two group factors and creates the recommendations for Ukrainian Government to regulate migration processes.

Rybnikov A.M., Rybnikov M.S.
Sources of Forming and Way of Increase of Labour Potential of High Schools
Basic directions of providing of skilled potential of High Schools, consisting of stage-by stage realization conceptions of development of human potential, are certain, allowing on every step to select the proper priorities and search the sources of their financing.

Sokolova Zh.V.
Crimean Commercial Horticulture: Historical Experience of Innovation
We consider the problem of nowadays condition of the most productive branches of the Crimean agricultural production of the previous centuries – gardening and vulticulture in this article. The increased demand on ecologically safe kinds of fruit, berry and nut crops obligatory demands the thorough study of the previous experience. In this way you need to make a number of rescarch works into revival of genofond of the local kinds of fruit crops.

Shutaeva E.A.
Market Development of Scientific and Technical Services as the Factor of Informatization of Myrokhozyaystvennykh Svyazey
The basic progress trends of world market of scientific and technical services are considered in the article, features of forming of market of scientific and technical services in Ukraine.

Shutaeva E.A., Kachka A.M.
International Competitiveness and Mechanism of its Realization in the Conditions of Globalization
In the article essence of concept is considered competitiveness, the specific of forming of competitiveness is certain in the conditions of becoming of global informative space.

Yakovenko E.V.
Globalization of the International Tourism and New Conception of Competition
Directions of modern globalization of International Tourism: the growth of tourist arrivals, transnationalization, informatization of Tourism Business were considered in this article, analysis of innovational aspects in the strategy of competition was carried out.

Korolyov O.L., Semyonova Yu.A.
The Place of Entertainment in the Net-Process Structure of Information Economy
In this paper the questions of Net-Process Structure of Information Economy and Place of Entertainments in it are shown.

Rudnitsky A.O.
International Security: Problems and Prospects
The various models of international safety providing are considered. Their influence on the national safety condition if Ukraine is analyzed.

Cheporova G.E., Cheporov V.V.
The Educational Quality: Control, Management, Audit, and Assurance
The control, management, audit, and assurance of higher education quality are considered, and its concerning with the HE products: educational programmers and students. In paper the basic attention is given to a term definition “accreditation / quality assurance” concerning with higher education institutes. The quality indicators for license and accreditation process in Ukraine is analyzed. Authors propose the implementation of the audit risk model for decision making like to audit of the financial statements.