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Vol. 23 (62). № 1. 2007
Economy and Management


Asanova E.R.
Content of Integrated Corporate Structures
The essense's content and formation of the integral structure of the integrated corporate structures are considered in the article. The interconnections of the system forming elements are defined.

Bag F.S.
Dynamics of the Turkish-Ukrainian Trade Attitudes
In clause are considered Ukrainian-Turkish externally trade relations with 1992for 2005 and the estimation of volumes of the trading reference between two countries is lead.

Bachmanova A.A.
Service as Economic Category
The article is devoted to service concept from four different points of view. Personal version of service concept is suggested.

Bolshakova A.N.
Balanced Scorecard Implementation as an Instrument of Strategic Development of an Enterprise (by the example of company " PARA-CRYM TUR " Ltd.)
The conception of Balanced Scorecard and its components are defined in the article. The reasons of creation of BSC are described. We have suggested Balanced Scorecard for company "PARA-CRYM TUR" Ltd.

Buzni A.N., Soldatov M.A., Illyasova M.K.
Cluster Analysis at Regionalization
Cluster analysis application to solve the problem of district regionalization of hotel services in Crimea is under consideration. Factors affecting accommodation services in administrative and aggregative areas which make up the hotel agglomeration of the Crimean Autonomous Republic have been analysed.

Vasilenko V.A., Tkachenko T.I.
Organisational and Economiral Peculiarities of Recreation Sphere Small Enterprises Activity
The critical analysis of the problems of functioning of recreation sphere small enterprises in Ukraine and abroad. The approaches to their taxation are considered and the measures on effectiveness increase of the activity of recreation sphere small enterprise.

Vershytsky A.V., Abdulaeva E.R.
Pecullarities of Managerial and Business Schools Educational Programs Ranking Definition
Analysis of the existing approaches to specialties ranking in different Higher Schools on example of management is conducted in the article. Propositions as to working out the management specialty ranking are presented.

Dzina M.A.
Estimation of Potential of Enterprise as Government his Competitiveness Base
The analysis of studied of theoretical bases of forming of potential of enterprise is conducted. A concept "Potential of enterprise" is formulated from point of influence on the process of providing of competitiveness. Basic principles are exposed necessary for an effective management the competitiveness of enterprises in modern terms.

Dikhtyar A.I.
Economics of Labour in Conditions of Eurointegration
Article considers new problems and labour economics possibilities of Ukraine.

Dobrovolskaya O.P.
Underpinning Criteria of Ecological of Regional Development
Underpinning criteria of ecological security of regional development is proved in the article. Directions of its application in the process of regional development are proposed in the article.

Kozyryatskaya Ya.A.
Government Control and Support of Enterprises of Fish Economy in the Conditions of Market
The features of fish economy of Ukraine, industries determining the objective necessity of state support are considered in the article, basic directions of government control of fish economy are certain.

Kotsyubaylo N.A.
Analysis of Needs of Crimean Enterprises Employers in Business Education
Special survey combined with structured interview with Crimean enterprises managers was conducted to analyze needs of employers in business education. Evaluation of training needs of enterprises employers in Crimea has been carried out.

Kravchenko N.A.
Distance Education System as a Factor of State Competitiveness Increase
It is made an analyze of distance education system as one of the factors of state competitiveness increase including educational services quality improvement in High Schools. The special attention during research is given to orientation of Ukraine to world integration and also the changes connected with this process in a state policy, paying special attention to educational aspect and Ukraine joining to Bologna Process.

Kulipanov K.A.
Labor Motivation as a Motive Process for Workers Efficient Labor Activity
The structure of motivational complex for agrofirm "Zlagoda" is studied in the paper. Factors of internal, external positive and negative motivation are obtained.

Maslov E.S.
Possibility of Sustainable Development of Wine Tourism and Hotel Complex
The paper focuses on presupposed interaction of touristic sector and wine touridm.

Matchina I.G.
Improvement of Economical Relations among Subjects of Integrated Organisms
Criteria of equal profitability with refer to relations among grape and wine producers have been studied, and an economical mechanism of making them interested in the production of competitive final products has been suggested.

Nagorskaya M.N.
State Social Policy as a Factor of Economic Growth
An interconnection of the state social and economic policy is being studied in the article. The author generalizes the experience of functioning of special economic zones and examines their importance in creation of social conditions favowring the improvement of people's life activity.

Nalivaychenko S.P., Kozachenko O.F.
Role of Calendar-Recourse Planning Method in Calculations of Enterprise Needed Recourses
Calendar and recourse modeling that promotes effective planning and control.

Nekhay V.V.
The Influence of the Marketing Factors to the Economic Activity of the Enterprise
The article represents a factors of indexes of economic activity and shows some measures of the marketing services that help their improvement.

Pavlenko I.G.
Methodological Basis for Investigation in Recreational Complex Functioning
Tne basis for systematic approach forming in economic research of recreational complex that provide its development are presented in the article.

Podsolonko V.A.
Productivity of the International Educational Integration on Management education.
Management education in Ukraine is carried out since the beginning of 90th of XX century. Experience of universities of the world in this direction is widely used in Ukraine. The universities of Ukraine that work with foreign partners in joint educational projects pass more productively the way of development of the international educational experience in management educftion. Integration of such universities into the international educational area raises competitiveness of processes of management education, strengthens the demand for graduates – managers and lecturers that train them, both in economy of Ukraine, and in other countries of the world.

Podsolonko E.A., Basiladze E.G.
Analysis of Structure of the Crisis Phenomena in Economy of Ukraine, Branch Aspect
The changes concerning to the crisis phenomena are revealed on the basis of the analysis of developments of economy during the period 1990-2005. Crisis – analysis and an estimation of a degree of backlog of development of economy of branches of production of goods in Ukraine in 2004 in comparison with precritical 1990 are executed. Parameters and methods of calculation of crisis indexes are developed.

Podsolonko M.V.
Internet – Marketing Use Efficiency Parameters
Indicators of efficiency of advancement, optimality of filling, financial overall performance of a site are developed to find the Internet – marketing use efficiency parameters. Use of system of the offered indicators will allow to supervise efficiency of investments and to optimise finance and time expenses.

Protsay A.F., Gontar T.N.
Balanced Scorecard Application for an Efficiency Estimation of Automated Enterprise Management System
Main principles of Balanced Scorecard technique application for efficiency estimation of information system implementation at the enterprise are considered. As a result of research it was clarified that Balanced Scorecard methodology application for corporate information system implementation projects analysis allows both to prove the automation project, and organically "to enter" it in the plan for development of the enterprise, both on strategic, and at an operative level.

Pushkareva E.V., Tarasyuk V.D.
Corporate Culture as Instrument for Organization Activity's Effectiveness Increase
The theoretical approaches to the concept of corpotate culture are systemized in the article, its structure and elements are defined, the basic stages of the corporate culture forming process are picked out.

Rogatenyuk E.V.
Complex Approach to the Choice of Methods of Pricing on a Regional Recreational Product
The lacks of practice of pricing on the recreational product of the Crimean region are exposed. Offered complex approach to the choice of methods of pricing on the basis of account in a price: factors and aims of pricing, type of market, stages of life cycle of recreational product.

Skorobogatova T.N.
The Characteristic and Conditions of Functioning of Logistical Systems in Service
In the article, the theory of logistic service systems is development. Their level classification is presented, and their key properties and principles of work are described. Distribution of functions among the basic subsystems is shown in the article.

Tverdokhlebov N.I.
International Credit Ratings of the Ukrainian Corporations and Banks
The value of the international credit ratings for the enterprises of Ukraine entering to the foreign markets of capitals is considered. Basic factors affecting a level and amount of the appropriated ratings are analyzed, comparison of scales of rating of corporations and financial institutions of Ukraine with similar enterprises of Russia and Kazakhstan is conducted.

Khrapko V.N.
Principal – Agent Problem Solution Using Optimal Control Approach
The Principal – agent problem solution was proposed, example was given.

Tsekhla S.Yu.
Development Peculiarities of Crimean Resort Services Export
Dynamics and structure of the resort services export are considered in the article. Forecast indications of the export value around Crimean resorts are provided.

Shvets I.Yu.
Integration Subjects Regionalist Market, as Factor Development the Efficiency of Tourism
In article submitted kinds cluster, they influence on integration subjects regionalist market of tourism.

Shvets Yu.Yu.
Comparative Analysis Determinations Competition, Competitiveness, Quality
In article submitted comparative analysis determinations competition, competitiveness, quality.

Bessonova A.S.
Instruments of Marketing Communications in the Management System of Strategic Development of the Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine
The main directions of the complex of marketing communications of the higher educational institution are defined in the article. The importance of increase of quality of educational services and development of material and technical basis by means of development of the international economic activity of the higher educational establishment have been established in the article.