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Vol. 19 (58). № 1. 2006
Economy and Management


Abibullayev M.
Innovational Development of the Industrial Enterprises of Autonomy Republic of Crimea
The summary: in article the theoretical bases of study innovational development of the enterprises, technique of an estimation innovational development are opened. On materials innovational activity of the industrial enterprises analysis is spent, and also the results of interrogation of the chiefs of the enterprises under their attitude to innovational development are submitted.

Apatova N.
The Economics Theory Informational Paradigm
The role of information and information technologies in the temporary social and economic development is described in the article. It forms the new informational paradigm in the economic theory and research. The specialties of new economic system are analyzed. Informational economy changes the market functions and the influence of symmetric and asymmetric information on consumer behavior.

Bezmaternykh V.G.
Problem of Motivation of Work in Economy of Modern Ukraine
In article problems of formation of effective system of labour motivation in modern economy of Ukraine are considered and ways of their decision are offered.

Borovsky V.N.
About Participation of Credit in Development of Economy of Region
The questions of participation of credit in development of economy of region are considered in the article. Suggestions on activation of role of credit in development of economy of region are also considered.

Borunov V.
Registration of a Business as the Factor of Investment Risk
Method of evaluation of probability of rejection to potential investor in passing property and business registration procedures is proposed in the article, the method is based on combinatory approach to variants of detected risk factors.

Voloshin A.L.
A Role and Place of Privatization Processes in Economy of Ukraine
The privatization process in Ukraine actualized the issue of the role of the state sector in national economy. The positive shifts have not been gotten in Ukraine's economy as a result of privatization. It appears to be important to make critical estimations of the privatization of state's property in Ukraine. The results of a privatization testify to its low efficiency, is not completely realized the institutional character of a privatization, a weak part is its fiscal orientation. The elaboration of the corrective programme of further privatization is known to be necessative. The methods of privatization are important for the final results.

Derkach Y.V.
Problems of Formation of the Insurance Tariffs in Social Insurance upon Accidents on Manufacture and Occupational Diseases
In this paper the principles of formation of the insurance tariffs in social insurance upon accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases are described. The basic problems of their realization in practical work also are revealed.

Ermolenko A.G.
Theoretical of Position of Formation of Small Business in Ukraine
In the present article the theoretical positions on formation of small-scale business undertakings sector in Ukraine are described. The key parts in formation and development of Ukrainian small-scale business undertakings have been marked out. The legislation of Ukraine on questions of business regulation/business initiative is also analyzed.

Ermolenko G.G. and Kussy M.Y.
The Comparison of the Efficient Market Hypothesis and the Fractal Market Hypothesis
In this paper the comparison of the Efficient Market Hypothesis and the Fractal Market Hypothesis is described. Main Precincts of both Hypothesies are marked. An Application of Fractal Market Hypothesis for practice, which is reflecting haotic nature of capital's markets, is proved.

Zhilina E.A.
Contemporary Tendencies of Internet-Advertisement Development
Individual characters of an internet-advertisement as the basic method of providing goods through internet are analyzed in this article. The main tendencies of net - advertisement development are also considered there.

Kanov A.A.
Interrelation of the State Charges and State Debt in Mexico
In clause the interrelation between growth of the state charges in Mexico and increase of the external state debt of the country is considered at the end of the last century. Is shown, that the Mexican government at the expense of external borrowings appreciably formed the state charges, as expected with the help of a petroleum industry to pay the external debts. The means from a privatization of a state ownership were directed on repayment of the huge state external debt of the country, though in complete volume it to liquidate it was not possible.

Kantalinskaya J.V.
The History of the Crimean Fruit-Trade in the Provincial Period (1802-1917)
We consider the problem of nowadays condition of the most productive branches of the Crimean agricultural production of the previous centuries - gardening and vulticulture in this article. The increased demand on ecologically safe kinds of fruit, berry and nut crops obligatory demands the thorough study of the previous experience. In this way you need to make a number of research works into revival of genofond of the local kinds of fruit crops.

Karlova A.I.
Problems of Financing of Public Health System in Ukraine
The model of public health system existing in Ukraine is analyzed in the article, its advantages and lacks are revealed. The basic priority directions of development of system of financing of public health in Ukraine are formulated.

Kirichenko Y.A.
Role and Value of Ecological Innovations as Bases of Ecologization of Innovative Activity
In this paper the essence and value of ecologization of innovative activity is considered. Also a role and maintenance of ecological innovations is certain as bases of processes of ecologization of innovative activity.

Kolodiy S.Yu.
Issue of Relation between Intergovernmental Migration and Local Budget Expenditure
In the article the relation between intergovernmental migration and local budget expenditures in Ukraine are investigated. Author makes a correlation analysis for Tiebout's hypothesis verification.

Korolyov O.L., Sigal A.V.
Identification and Management of Information Systems Risks
In this paper, questions of identification of specific risks and methods of management of these risks are described.

L.A. Kravchenko, E.V. Lutikova
The State and Investment-Innovational Development of Economy
The influence of investment processes on development of economy is investigated, the necessity of amplification of a role of the state for stimulation investment-innovational activity is proved.

Maidanevich J.P.
State of Production of Milk and his Processing in Crimea
Research of the state of production of milk and his processing in ARK of Crimea is conducted, and the ways of their optimum development are similarly indicated.

Mashyanova O.E.
The Peculiarities of the Finanancial Guarantee of the Regional Ecological Policy
We consider the role of the local authorities in the management of the regional ecological policy in the article. Also there is a mechanism of finanancing the ecological programs in the region.

Nalivaychenko S.P.
Planning of Market Economy as a Model of Reproduction Process
In conditions of modem economy the planningr system must be oriented on accelerated attainment of strategic goal - the rise of people prosperity. Presented model of reproductive process fixed the type, rates and proportions of growth of country economic complex.

Nekhaychuk U.S.
Program-Target Method of Budgeting and its Intrusion in ARK
Program-target method of formation of the budget is the tool, which one provides efficient control budget process in an intermediate term outlook. This method is oriented on the solution of existing problems territorial organizations and achievement of the definite purposes.

Nikitina M.G., Hrivakov K.A.
Turkey: Geo Economic Reasons of Economic Growth

Critical analysis of economic development models evolution is conducted in this article. Controversial character of an export oriented development strategy and features of investment regime formation are shown there. There are defined the basic principles and instruments оf сontemporary export stimulation policy, which provide equality оf pay balance of Turkey. Also contemporary tendencies of development of economic relations between Ukraine and Turkey are shown there.

Noriganova O.A.
Feature of Marketing of Sphere of Tourism: the Theoretical Analysis
In clause the problem of use of marketing in the tourist industry is considered actual for sphere of tourism. The modern сondition оf a tourist сomplex оf Сrimea requires effective application and perfection of marketing strategy in tourist sphere.

Perzeke N.B.
Chart of the Bank Crediting of Housing Building
The chart of financing of housing building with the use of the bank crediting, allowing to minimize the credit risks and tax expenses, is offered.

Pobirchenko V.V., Shevyakov A.S.
Modern State and Problems of Development Informatively-Telecommunication Complex in Ukraine
In this paper the structure of informatively-telecommunication complex - new cross-branch formation in a world economy is considered. Description of Ukraine's ITC modern state is given. The problems of development of complex are exposed.

Popov V.B.
Evolutionary Algorithms and Strategy in Problem Data Mining and his Application in Economic Problems
In this paper development analysis of existing evolutionary algorithms for decision making. Efficiency of application of evolutionary methods in economic appendices is defined. The concept of economic evolutionary algorithm isentered.

Poteeva M.A.
The Elasticity of Functional Economic Structure in the Context of the Stable Development of Ukraine
The article is devoted to the growing role of productive infrastructure in social and economic development of the Crimean region. The author considers that the transport system of the peninsular fulfills the system-creative function and considerably affects the efficiency of linked branches of the region's economy. The analysis of productive and technical conditions of the Crimea's ports reflected the high level of deterioration of basic funds and considerable demand of investments for transport needs.

A.A.Radko, L.A. Kravchenko
Economic Aspects оf Migration of the Human Capital
Considered theoretical and practical aspects of formation human capital; the influence of migration processes on development of economy is investigated; defines the directions of state migration policy.

Rybnikov A.M. and Rybnikov M.S.
Sources and Models of High Schools' Financing in Market Conditions
There have been searched and defined financing sources of high education establishments. There have been found high schools' financing models taking into account orientation of educational system towards market conditions aimed at increasing its efficiency as sub-branch of services' sphere.

Semenova Y.A., Sidorenko K.S.
Water Resources of Crimea such as a Part of Region Recreation
In this paper recreation resources of region are described. Also analyze methods their condition and development in the future are offered.

Cheporova G.
Tne Labor Resources Allocation in Universities оn Decision Making Matrix Basis
In paper are considered the decision making methods about faculty staff on "student/teacher ratio - workload' matrix basis concerning with both teachers and students. The path is based on the faculty understanding as both a set of departmens and a set of programs.

Shutaieva O.O.
The Foreign Corporations: Essence, Directions Activity and Feature of Functioning, is in Ukraine
Basic directions activity of international corporations are considered in the article, influence of information technologies on strategy of organization of commercial activity at the foreign markets.