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Vol. 18 (57). № 1. 2005


Babko A.N.
The Main Problems of Development and Introduction of Integrated Systems of Enterprise Management
In this article was analyzed some questions about develop of integrated systems of enterprise management.

Vershitsky A.V.
Effectiveness Problems of Tourism Development in Crimea
The main problems of tourism development in Crimea are considered in the article, tourism effectiveness is analyzed, the necessity of automobile tourism as strategically more important and effective element of tourism in Crimea is grounded.

Boiko A.L., Rudnitsky O.I.
Development of Systems of Relational Data Bases Management
In this article discussed the questions about creation and functioning of the control system of the data bases, the optimization aspects for technical characteristics of relational data bases, offers the description of realized project of information system «University entrant», which was introduced in the entrance examination of Taurida National V.Vernadsky University in 2005 year.

Dobrovolskaya O.P.
Methodic Approaches of the Ecological Management System Implementation
The article includes an analisys of theoretical-methodological approaches to the creation of ecological management system on the industrial enterprises. The foundation of methodic aspects of using the factors' analysis are given in order to evaluate the perspectives of implementation the ecological management system on the enterprise.

Donskoy D.V.
Dynamic Situational Informational Models and Systems of Sustainable Management
The novel class of information models and systems for the steady economic object control is suggested. The approach is based on the following three items: the new definition of the concept of a "steady", which suggests an ability "to hold" an economic object on the level of attainment of its activities, the concept of the dynamic situation information-mathematical model (DSIM) and the concept of the information-analytical environment, which is destined for the DSIM realization. The scheme of economic object control with the "recourses switching" is presented. This scheme can be practically used for development of the steady information control management systems.

Dragan N.A.
Evaluation of Land Resources of Crimea
With aim to develop the propositions on improvement of land use in Crimea the ecological-soil rating is carried out. For it the following tasks were solved: assessment on the base of soils natural properties and agro-ecological soil evaluation. The relative suitability of soils for basic agricultural cultures is determined. The activity of degradation processes in the soil cover is shown. The share of lands with negative soils properties consist about 30 % of the arable area, including poorly productive (number of evaluation is less than 30) - 19,1 %. For environment optimization the restoration of natural biocenoses is necessary what is possible for the poorly productive lands with soil rating equal 20 numbers and less.

Dregaupt S.V.
Chances and Risk of Globalization - the Critical Analysis from the German Point of View
In the present contribution the chances and risks of the globalization from German perception are lit up critically and solution offers, are also brought up for discussion for the prevention of the social dismantling.

Igoshin M.M.
Marketing Market Labour of the ARC
The article theoretic questions of the development of marketing regional market labour AR Cream. The organized analysis of the marketing studies market worker of the places and market of the labour AR Cream.

Kartashevskaja I.F.
Geographical Features of Optimization of the Regional. Management System in Tourism on the Example of Crimea
In clause the analysis of efficiency of a modern management system by a recreational, tourist complex in Crimea is lead. Historical features of formation of a management system in toutism at a planned economy in modern conditions are investigated. The optimum management system of tourist branch is offered, the structure of regional management in tourism of Crimea is proved.

Kramarenko V.l.
Advertisement as an Infrastructural Element of Public Production
Place and role of advertising services in a market infrastructure of modern social production are investigated in the article.

Kuzmina O.M.
Potential of the ASP-Approach Use in the International Marketing Planning of the Ukrainian Enterprises
Potential possibilities of increase of effectiveness of international marketing activity of the Ukrainian enterprises at the ASP-approach use in the marketing planning are considered.

Lyul'chak L.A.
Method of Increase of the Professional Competence of the Administrative Personnel in the Enterprise Organizations
In clause the to a focus is brought to existing techniques of an estimation of efficiency of administrative work and approbation of the given techniques at the enterprises in Crimea. The analysis of methods of measurement of the competence of the personnel is lead and the model of an estimation of the administrative personnel which will allow competently is developed and with the least time expenses to define professional and personal qualities of employees, proceeding from functional duties and the purposes of the concrete enterprise.

Mamontova O.V.
Economic Model of Organization of the Controlling System at the Enterprise
In clause the questions of organization of controlling system at the Ukrainian enterprises are considered with the purpose of increase of efficiency of economic activity and acceptance by a management of the expedient administrative decisions.

Martovoy A.V.
Effectiveness Measurement Methods of e-Marketing in Tourism
Effectiveness measurement methods of e-marketing in tourism is developed in the article having stages of consumer decision process as a basis for taxonomy of financial and non-financial indices. Five possible cases of e-marketing effectiveness in tourism were analyzed. e-Marketing effectiveness indices were developed for tourism sector.

Maslov E.S.
Influence of System of Ecological Management on the Quality of Products of Winemaking Industry
This article describes using of ecological standards and non-waste production on the example of winemaking industry.

Matsebera S.A.
Demands to Composing the Algorithms in Informational Systems of Region's Management Projects
The problem of composing the logic and technological algorithms at the stage of technical project of the planning of systems of the region's management is considered at the article.

Mironova T.L.
City Economy Structure Formation faced on business Profile Evaluation
Methodological means faced in city business profile evaluation are described. Recommendations to improve city economic structures and to increase a portion of highly effective city businesses are presented.

Nagorskiy Yu.
The Formation of Corporate Culture as an Instrument of Effective Management
The influence of corporate culture on management effectiveness and enterprise's economic results is studying in the article. The author analyses possibilities and mechanism of corporate culture formation at the Ukrainian enterprises.

Nehai V.V.
Functional the Maintenance of Marketing Activity at the Enterprise of Agricultural Mechanical Engineering
Article represents a substantiation of necessity of the functional organization of service of marketing of the enterprise of agricultural mechanical engineering.

Onischenko K.N.
The State of Grain Crops Complex and the Price Strategy of the Enterprises with Stable Development at the Cereals Market in the Crimean Autonomous Republic
In this article one can read about the changes in grain crops production in the years from 1990 to 2004. One can find out the price strategy of the enterprises with stable development at the cereals market, the creation of equivalent price exchange between industrial and agricultural production.

Pavlenko I.G.
Analysis of Basic Approaches to Interpretation of Essence of Efficiency as an Economic Category
Theoretical research of existent approaches to determination of efficiency stages are executed by the author of the article, specifics of becoming and variants of transformation of the category «efficiency» are exposed. The author's variant of interpretation of the notion «efficiency» is offered.

Palenius A.
The Status of Public Services in the Framework of Electronic Government
In this paper the status of public services in the framework of electronic government is described.

Pozachenyuk Ye.A, Sotskova L.M., Panin A.G.
Approaches and Classification of Ecological Corridors
The existed classifications of eco corridors are considered. The additional classification divisions are grounded and are illustrated by block-scheme.

Pozachenuk E.A.
Coadaptive Concept of Nature Management
In the article the author grounds theoretical and methodological aspects of forming of coadaptive concept in modern geography. The estimation of criteria of determining the degree of coadaptiveness of modern natural and economic territorial systems is carried out in the article.

Podsolonko V.A., Gay M., Curbatov O.U.
Increase of a Role of Information Technologies in Construction of the Economy Based on Knowledge, in Crimea and Ukraine
On the basis of the analysis of a modern condition of the legislation and economy, a level of development of information technologies of Ukraine and Crimea, the international experience of information in clause it is determined priority formations in development of economy, necessity of construction for Crimea and Ukraine the economy based on knowledge is shown. Necessity of studying and use of experience of training to information technologies in management at universities of the European countries having steadily high results of development is proved. Conceptual bases of principles, problems of formation of the national program of information strategy in educational aspect are developed and expected results of construction of the economy based on knowledge are shown.

Podsolonko E., Pavlidis P.
Evaluation of Efficiency of the Personnel Activity
Amplifying increase value of the contribution of divisions of organizations in improvement of the final results of organizations and countries' development is shown. Importance of stimulation problems of divisions for improvement of the final activity results is shown by the example of the scientific and educational organizations taking into account the world community tendencies of the knowledge based economy construction.

Protsay A.F.
Personnel Stimulation and Motivation in Modern Management Practice
The Article analyzes the theory of personnel stimulation and motivation. Practical recommendations are presented on personnel stimulation and motivation for management, labour stimulation and motivation.

Pushkareva E.V.
Forming of the Firm's Image with the Help of Public Relations Measures
In the articale the author considers the necessity of forming of the organization's image with the help of Public Relations measures, and also works out recommendations concerned with effective organization of such measures.

Rotanov G.N.
Problems of Restructuring Effectiveness Evaluation of Manufacturing Enterprises
Approaches to problem of criteria and evaluation of effectiveness of manufacturing enterprises are considered on the basis of cost, expenditures and tesources indices. Considered methods would be of help during restructuring processes for calculating of general effectiveness of enterprise management and its departments.

Siric V.F.
The Ecologo-Economical Problems of the Ukrainian Regions
There are 24 regions, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, also Kiev and Sevastopol, that have special status, in the modem system of administrative territorial arrangement of Ukraine. The important pecularity of possibilities of economical development of the regions or administrative districts is a presence of natural resources of the territories. The potential of natural resources shows firstly the irregularity of economical development of the territories. In the article the ceparate questions of economical, social and ecological development of the regions of Ukraine are considering.

Skorobogatova T.N.
Some Aspects of Economic Stability of Logistic Service Systems
The article is devoted to questions of economic stability of logistical service systems. Structural and functional aspects of stability, and also its internal and external factors of risks are considered. One of criteria of economic stability estimation is offered.

Sotskova L.M., Dyachenko E.A.
Ecological and Economic Problems of the North-Crimean Channel Functioning
In the article the author analyzes ecological and economic problems of functioning of North-Crimean Channel as one of the main waterways of the Crimean water-supply, and explains the influence of factors of emerging of ecxological problems of water-supply.

Sotskova L.M., Filimonova E.U.
Organization of Water Industry of Simferopol
The article is devoted to the analysis of water industry of Simferipol. The main trends in optimization of urban water-supply are revealed and grounded in the article.

Sribniy V.l.
Characteristics and Peculiarities of Operation of Housing and Public Utilities Sector of Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Characteristics and peculiarities of operation of housing and public utilities sector of Crimea were analysed in the article. Analysis of the situation in main subsectors of regional housing and public utilities sector was provided. Technical and financial development of the sector was revealed.

Tverdohlebov N.I.
The Activity of the UN Development Programme in Autonomous Republic of Crimea
The activity of Crimea Integration and Development Programme is analyzed by the main directions for the last 10 years.

Fedorenko N.P.
Managing Audit: Problems and Acceptance of Decisions
The Suggestions about the change of existing mechanism of calculation the expenditures on production of goods.

Shvets I.Y.
Theoretical Aspects Competitiveness
In this artical the analysis of the theoretical aspects of concurrence development is made and it concerns the theoretical works of various authors the science of our country.

Yarosh O.B.
Ecomical Problems Arisen in Recreational Zones under Condition of Oil Products Pollution
The short- and long-term negative consequences of hydrocarbon material extraction, operation, and transportation are analyzed. The man-caused pollution mechanisms of different components of biosphere, are escribed. The approaches to monitoring research of petrochemical pollution control are also proposed.

Curbatov Оleg Y., Pavlidis Pl.
Le Knowledge Marketing et les Outils de Création des Connaissances: le Web et la Télévision Parfumée
Ce travail de recherche est la construction d'une proposition de marketing fondée sur la notion de création de connaissances. Une réflexion conceptuelle sur le processus de consommation expérientielle, d'une part, et sur le processus de création de la connaissance-client en relation avec la connaissar ce-entreprise, d'autre part, nous a conduit à développer une proposition théorique de « knowledge marketing». La conceptualisation du « Knowledge Marketing » a fait ressortir l'apport managérial qui permet de développer les connaissances des clients dans les activités des services innovants. Elle a également permis de mettre en évidence des pistes de recherches pour la mise en œuvre des technologies innovantes de diffusion des fragrances dans l'environnement multimédia, de la télévision olfactive et du web parfumé.

De la Fouchardiere C., Labbe-Pinlon B.
Efficacité des Promotions Prix dans un Contexte de Changement de Monnaie: Influence du Degré d'Apprentissage àTeuro sur la Perception des Offres et le Comportement d'Achat en Promotion. Premiers Résultats d'une Étude Longitudinale
Cet article présente les principaux résultats d'une recherche réalisée au sein d'un magasin laboratoire pour mieux anticiper les comportements des consommateurs face a des promotions prix en euro, et appréhender les modifications éventuelles liées au changement de monnaie. Plus particulièrement, les travaux présentés visent à évaluer l'impact du degré d'apprentissage à l'euro sur l'intérêt des consommateurs vis-à-vis des promotions-prix et leurs réponses en terme de comportements. Cette expérimentation, menée auprès d'étudianls, compare, dans un contexte d'affichage des prix en euro uniquement, deux techniques promotionnelles classiques (prix barrés et coupons de réduction immédiate) selon deux dimensions majeures : l'intérêt que les consommateurs perçoivent de chaque offre, leurs réponses comportementales et les raisons qu'ils proposent pour expliquer leurs choix. Il ressort de cette àtude exploratoire qu'en euro, la technique du bon de réduction immédiate est la mieux perque par les consommateurs et qu'elle a aussi plus d'influence sur le nombre d'acheteurs en promotion et sur leurs paniers d'achats, que les prix barrés. Cette expérience confirme aussi que les consommateurs continuent à répondre aux promotions prix en euro, même s'ils ont le sentiment de perdre leurs repères et de rencontrer des difficultés pour apprécier l'intérêt des promotions exprimées en euro. Leurs achats en promotion portent toutefois encore essentiellement sur des achats habituels.

Mayol S. Gay M.
Influence of Classical Music in Advertisement upon the Frame of Believes, Borrowed from the Young People between 18 and 25 Years
In the article the author examines the approaches to evaluation of the degree of advertising music influence on the nature of ways of persuation borrowed from consumers. The author proves the necessity of motivating advertisers to consider music to be the cental, strategic and crucial element of information transmission, on account of its ability to change the perception of consumers and influence their comprehension of messages.