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Vol. 17 (56) № 1. 2004


Abibullayev M.
Innovations Development of the Industrial Enterprises of Autonomy Republic of Crimea
In article the theoretical bases of study innovational development of the enterprises, technique of an estimation innovational development are opened. On materials innovational activity of the industrial enterprises analysis is spent, and also the results of interrogation of the chiefs of the enterprises under their attitude to innovational development are submitted.

Apatova N.V.
Informational Economics Concepts Changes
The change in theoretical economics were existed alter the informational processes in the world economy. The main trends of these modifications and the correction of the notions of accumulation, welfare, value, property and the problems of economies transformation are described.

Vorobyov Y.М.
Estimation of Financial State of the Recreation Sphere in Crimea
Determines of financial state of the recreation sphere Republic of Crimea. The factors have been distinguished and ways of improving of improving of the recreation sphere in Crimea. Sour.5

Ermolenko G.G.
Mathematical Modelling of Financial Economic Activities of the Local Recreational Complex
In clause are submitted: structural model of global recreational system; administrative-territorial model of a local recreational complex and mathematical model of financial and economic activity of local recreational system.

Zhilina E.A.
The Coal Industry of Ukraine is System of a National Economy
The territorial features of a coal industry of Ukraine. Analysed structurally the tendencies of export product a coal industry. And considered the factors interfering a coal industry arc revealed.

Kantalinska G.V.
Some Aspects of Economic History of the Crimea in the Ancient Period
Some aspects of economic development of the Crimean peninsula in the early period of its history are represented in this article. The agricultural activity of tribes and peoples who had populated the Crimea, economic system of Ggeek colonies - cities -governments are analyzed here.

Klimchuk S.V.
Financial Aspects of Offences Restructure of Measures of a Recreational Complex
At the present moment the menacing tendency is the growth of amount of offences in the field of restructural-privatization measures of a recreational complex revealed by control activity, created commission at state fund of property of Ukraine. In clause the structure of these offences is submitted and the measures on legalization of the specified infringements are shown.

Korchinskiy V.E., Kolodiy S.Y.
How Recreation Complex of Crimea Influences to Budget Revenues
Authors investigate the role of budget revenues to budget revenues forming. In the thesis analyzing a dynamics of recreation complex tax revenues to GDP and to budget revenues. Authors show that tax revenue isn't good measure of evaluation of region role in budget revenues forming.

Kravchenko L.A., Lyutikova H.V.
Monetary and Credit Policy as the Factor of Development of Economy of Ukraine
The article is devoted to improvement of theoretical and practical bases of monetary and credit policy in the transformation period. It is determined interrelation between the basic monetary and macroeconomic parameters. It is developed practical circuits of realization of a monetary and credit policy.

Kuchukbaeva I.S.
The Analysis of Threats and Opportunities in the Market of Bank Deposits in Ukraine
In the article the present-day marketing environment of Ukrainian banking deposit market is carefully analyzed, significance of each factor's influence is appointed and recommendations to avoid risks and to геаlizе opportunities are given.

Mirgorodskaya L.A., Nehaychuk Yu.S.
Special Treatments of the Investment Role in the Development Sanatorium and Health Resort Complex of the Crimea
The investment activity sanatorium and health resort complex of the Crimea has been analyzed for 2001-2003. The influence of the legislation special norms in this sphere was considered.

Nalivaichenko S.P.
Abort Methods of State Regulation in Modern Conditions of Market Economy
Clause is devoted to consideration of methods of state regulation, basic of which are administrative, legal and economic. As in the pure state any of them does not exist, strictly scientifically it is possible to speak only of any them.

Nikitina M.G.
Geoeconowy and Perspectives of Regional Integration
Discrepancy of modem integration processes, their influence on formation of a regional external economic politics is opened, factors regionalization on the post-soviet space are analyzed, prospects of integration cooperation of the countries CIS are proved.

Pasenchenko O.Yu.
A Choice of the Foreign Market in Process Internationalization of Activity of the Enterprise
The methods of a choice of the foreign markets in process internationalization of activity of the enterprise are analyzed. The technique of a choice of the market uniting discrete and complex methods of the analysis is offered.

Penkova I.V.
Features of the Information as Goods
In clause the basic features of the information as goods are considered in view of spheres of her application, variety of the consumers and their mutual relation. The author, leaning on feature of the information as economic resource, offers research of her characteristics.

Rybnikov M.S.
Higher Education in Ukraine in Content of Bologna Process
On the basis of Bologna process documents and the problems interconnected with it the actions on realization of Bologna process requirements in Ukraine are offered and their possible consequences are analyzed.

Sigal A.V.
Reduction of Matrix Game to a Quadratic Programming Problem
This paper is devoted of search solution of matrix game on basis decision of quadratic programming problem. Theorem about connection solution of game with stationary point for Lagrangean is proved. Solution of concrete problem is founded.

Untila E.N.
Strategy of Increase of Competitiveness of Firm as the Factor of Maintenance of Foreign Economic Relations of the State
In clause the features of functioning of export-guided firms are allocated m view of a competitive situation in the external market. The problems and prospects of formation of competitive politics of firms including innovation a component are considered.

Khlobystov Y&K, Chernish I.V.
Dynamics of Disasters Natural and Technological Character in Ukraine (Social and Economic Aspects of Research)
In article dynamics of disasters in Ukraine for 1998-2002 years is considered, tendencies of changes of a level of damages and frequencies of occurrence disasters are defined, recommendations for increase of a level of safety for an environment of Ukraine ate proved.

Cheporov V.V.
Business-Education Development in the Classic Universities
In paper the modem business-education tendency, role of the functional skills, education service consumers and their preferences, place of the classic university are considered. Conclusion was made that general competition is in the geographic market segment.