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Vol. 16 (55) № 2. 2003


Adamanova Z.O.
Perspectives of Innovation Development in Ukraine
The main stages of innovation activity implementation mechanisms are long-term prognostics, formation of strategic directions and regional programs, creation of regulation bodies of innovation activity and effective mechanisms of scientific-technical resources concentration, solid financing of innovation projects.

Asanova E.R.
Law Regulation of Industrial-Financial Group in Ukraine
In clause the guidelines on perfecting the Law of Ukraine «About industrial-financial group in Ukraine» in a direction of extension of spheres of regulation and finishing of operating standards are offered.

Vasylenko V.A.
The Consepshsin the Model of Strategic Planning and Stability Development of the Enterprise
In this paper was purpose the model of strategic planning and stability development of the enterprise.

Viazovik S.M.
Process of Strategy Development of Investment Programs Financing at an Enterprise
Methodical grounds of strategy development of investment programs financing at an enterprise are considered at the article. Block diagram that depicts process of strategy development of investment programs financing at an enterprise is proposed.

Grets O.P.
Ecological Marketing of a Region: Methodological Aspects of Development and

Main methodological aspects of development of region's ecological marketing system were analyzed, need of solving of ecological, economical, and scientific and technical purposes and tasks of regional development is grounded basing on program and purpose approach.

Didenko A.N.
Features of Competitiveness of Small Enterprises of Crimea in the Fragmented Industries
In the article are expounded essence of small enterprises of the fragmented industries and feature of their functioning in the modern terms of competition in Crimea.

Dikhtyar A.I.
The Priorities of the Functions and Development of the Eurointegrated Higher Educational Institutions in Ukraine
The article considers the priorities of Ukrainian higher educational institutions' activity as the systematical approach to realization of the eurointegration strategy of the world tendencies and experience.

Elizarov A.T.
Types of Underground Economics in Ukraine
Types of underground economics are concerned in the article and the ways of its decrease are offered.

Ermishin P., Igoshin M.
The Education Services on the Market of Labour
In the article taking research interaction to area education services and the market of labour in factors marketing economics.

Kartashevskaya I.F.
Organizational and Methodical Approaches Toward Evaluation of Economic Benefits of Recreation Resort Region
The logistic system of sequent actions necessary for economic benefits estimation received from activities of recreational and resort region. This is the first stage of the cartographic analysis devoted to the territorial recreational complex.

Kovalenko N.G.
Socio-Economic Problems of Preserves
In the article are considered the main socio-economic problems of especially guarded natural territories on example of Crimean natural preserve and Simferopol forest hunting economy, are definite the ways of their solving for development of economic and natural keeping activity.

Kolesnik V.I.
Financial State of Partnerships of Autonomic Republic Of Crimea
In this article author conceder profit of partnerships activities in Autonomic Republic Of Crimea and give analyze of selected indicators to influence on dynamics of quantity between income and gross profit of partnerships. Author draws a conclusion about financial unstable states of partnerships.

Kuzmina O.M.
City - Centers Typology ob Localizing Foreign Economic Trade in Crimean Mezorigion (While Developing and in its Highest Functioning)
Historical periods of city - centers development of localizing foreign economic trade (in antique, medieval, period new and modern history) are considered and the changes in Crimean mezoregion economic complex occurred foreign economic relations.

Kulishenko Т.V.
The Alternative Source of the Finance Communication Enterprises
Summary: In this paper the main problems of the venture investment on Ukrainian communication market are described. Also a number of suggestions from the crisis are offered.

Martovoy A.V.
Measurement Methods of Internet Advertisement Targeted to Increase a Client Base
Questions of measurement of Internet advertisement targeted to increase in client base are considered in the article. New indices were proposed.

Martsinovsky P.N.
The Trade between Crimea and Turkey in the Second Half of XIX Century and its Influence on the Home Market Condition on the Peninsula
The article uncovered the basic features of the trade communications between Turkey and Crimea per the second half nineteenth century. The basic periods of their transformation under influence of the European market, home market of the peninsula, russian-turkish relations and some other factors are revealed.

Matzebera S.A.
Application of Information Technologies
The problems of application of information technologies into the process of manager's training, the new level of computer knowledge and a new approach to the manager's technologically equipped activity are concerned in the article.

Mironova T.L.
Target Directions of Economic Security Level in Specialized Programs
System of indices that depict target directions of economic security level at the state and enterprise levels is proposed in the article.

Nagorskaia M.N.
Theoretic Basis of Effective Management
In this research are gives proposals connecting with rising efficiency management by improvement process and methods making management decisions.

Nechay V.
Marketing Strategy Improvement of Enterprise on External Market
In the article there have been examined problems of Ukrainian enter prices entering the external market, it is necessary to develop strategy plan of foreign economic activity.

Onischenko K.N.
The Value of the Anticrisis Strategics of AIC in Ukraine
In this article there is a comparison of the economic reforms consequences AIC of Ukraine and Russia. One can read about the proposed way out from the crisis in the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economics on the basis of the National land bank.

Ostroukhova L.V.
System Approach as a Methodological Basis of Organization of Managers Professional Education in Ukraine
Training of managers within the approach of theory and methodology of system approach is considered in the article. Main elements of the system like structure, content and functions in managers training in higher educational establishments in Ukraine are analyzed.

Podsolonko E.A.
The Analysis of Efficiency of Use of Human Resources in Crimea
Two basic components describing efficiency of use of human resources in Crimea are considered: employment of the population and unemployment. The comparison of quantity of the population, engaged in small business, with number of the registered unemployed on cities and settlements of Crimea is given. The educational level of the population on spheres of its economic employment is analyzed. The offers on revival in cities and settlements of Crimea of system of retraining of the staff as major condition of maintenance of growth of efficiency of use of human resources are formulated.

Podsolonko V.A.
Productivity of Transport's and Communication's Services in Crimea
The results of two branches of sphere of services in Crimea, transport and communication occupying 48,2 % from volume of services of all kinds of economic activity are considered. The role of these two kinds of services both in developments of manufacture and economy, and in satisfaction of needs of the population is shown. The role of all types of transport in socio economic development of Crimea is revealed. Is underlined dynamics of growth of the incomes of the enterprises from rendering services of communication to organizations and population. The rise in price of cost of one item of mail twice for the period with 1998 on 2002 is shown. In the period with 1998 on 2002 the rise in price of cost of one item of mail twice, and reduction of quantity of departures of the newspapers and magazines on one inhabitant for this period on 38 % is shown.

Polonskay N.A.
«Historical Experience of Programming Purpose Planning»
This article analyses historical experience of programming purpose planning and basis perspective development this methodic approach in condition of post-soviet Ukraine.

Rotanov G.N.
Competition Analysis of Manufacturing Speed Vessels
Competition analysis of speed vessel production in the Ukraine was made in the article. On the basis of the directions analysis the higher ability for competition was defined for Feodosia Production Company "MORE" on the global market.

Samolyuk I.V.
Introduction to Terminology of Competence
Analytical review of meanings of the term "competence" is carried out. Term "competence of commercial organizations managers" is defined. Directions of manager's competence development are proposed.

Skorobogatova V.V., Podsolonko V.A.
Problems of Economic Stability Ensuring in Bread and Flour Industry
High economic stabilization in bread and flour production as in an impotent link of food industry of Ukraine and Crimea is considered. A long term analysis in this sphere has been done. External economic stability factors and their influence to flour producing enterprises are revealed. Prospective actions for flour production development  are  suggested.

Skorobogatova T.N.
Stocks Management at Public Alimentation Enterprises
The article deals with such actual matters as the problems of store-keeping stock control in public catering; the definition of their role in business activity of an enterprise and the discovering of the consumption specificity depending on the competitive strategy and optimization. The public catering enterprise is represented as an alone logistics system and as a subject of economic relations in the system of the higher level that is the logistics network.

Tverdokhlebov N.I.
The Discussion Method in Economy Teaching
General problems of organization and providing discussion in the debate form during the seminars on economy subjects are described.

Khrapko V.N.
Income and Spending of Households in the Crimea
The income, consumption and savings in the Crimean region were investigated. Using recent data analysis and prognosis was made.

Tsyokhla S.U., Danchenko N.A.
Effectiveness of Simplified Taxation System
Essence of simplified taxation is proposed in the article. Directions of reglamentation development of entrepreneur-ship are considered. Analysis of dynamics and structure of tax payments by private entrepreneurs of Simferopol is carried out. Economic, social and fiscal effect is evaluated. Main priority directions of improvements in taxation system and system of small business support are proposed.

Chepurko V.V.
Estimation of Regional-Branch Sunflower Production Risk in Ukraine
The article is devoted to determination of coefficients of regional-branch sunflower production risk in Ukraine. The division into districts of Ukraine territory on level of regional-branch risk has been executed.

Shvets I.Y.
World Markets Leaders Changing Process and Concurrence Analyzing
In this article, basing on a theory of "leaving cycle of product" made analyze of leaders changing process and concurrence in world markets.