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Vol. 15 (54) № 2. 2002


Apatova N.
The Noosphere Is an Environment of the Informational Society
The temporary economics and social development is the new transition to informational society. The role of the new information technologies and knowledge rises. The new environment is formed in the same time and it is the noosphere.

Abibulaev M.S.
Methodic Comprehension to Effect of Innovational Process on Firms
Article shows methodic of science effect of innovational process on firms. Main factors shows too, which charactering economical effect of innovation on firm with methodic of model innovation development building of different branches.

Bezmaternyh V.G.
Private Ownership and the Problem of Labor Market Formation in Transitional Economy of Ukraine
In articrle scrutinize the category of a private property, its (her) role and place in market economy through process of formation of the market of labor in transitive economy.

Buyakevych M.
Econometrics Modeling of Administrative Region Functioning Development
In the article the questions of constructing of regional industry development models which is alternate to the classical interbranch balance model.

Grishankov V.G.
About Possibilities of Economic Development of Ukraine
The main idea of the article is to show that economic growth and economic development have antagonic aspects of their interection with one another throught historic development of the Ukraine, and to formulate conditions harmonizing of these two processes.

Ermolenko G.G.
Modeling in Ground Pricing of Recreation Firm
This work shows method of ground pricing, which use for extending of market price of recreation firm. Calculation model in capitalization of clear income.

Kolodiy S.Y.
Evaluation of the Influence of Inflation and Economic Growth to the Execution of Budget
In the thesis author investigates influence of inflation and economic growth to the execution of budget. Using a real inflation and economic growth the new method of the analyze of budget's execution is proposed.

Kravchenko L.A.
Financial Methods State Regulation of the Economy Ukraine of Market Transformation
The paper deals with the problem of the state financial regulation of Economy in the transformational period. The peculiarities of state financial regulation applications in Ukraine are investigated the research. The influence of the fiscal and monetary policy on the macroeconomic process, as well as directions of the state financial regulation optimization are defined, ways for improving fiscal regulations.

Mashyanova E.E., Chernova T.L.
Financial Ecology Part Integration Policy of Ukraine
In article prospects of integration of Ukraine in EU are considered. The attention is given to requirements of EU concerning reforming ecological national and regional politics and introduction of global principles in development of financial tools of regulation of wildlife management.

Mirgorodskaya L.A.
Optimum Systems of Labour in Viticulture at the Present Stage
The activity of one of the largest state association of agrarian and integrated industrial complex "Crimeasofhozvinprom" has been analyzed. Systems of labour influence on viticulture enterprises efficiency was considered. It was offered to change the forms of land use according to land low adoption.

Nikitina M.
Geo Economic Factors of Ukraine's Transformation of Economics
The influence of a number of geoeconomic factors on process of economic development of the country is analyzed. The regional distinctions and features of realization of transborder integration relations are allocated.

Pobirchenko V.V., Halilova E.M., Akimenko P.I.
Ecological and Economic Fundamentals of Shaping Regional Politicians of Sustainable Development
The contents of concepts «sustainable development», «sustainable development», «ecological safety» is considered. Stages of transition of Ukraine and its regions for a model of steady development are allocated.

Rybnikov A.M. and Rybnikov M.S.
The Model of Optimization Number of Professors in a University
By new model select invariable structures of contingent, make some conclusions and proposals.

Seidametava L.D.
The Analysis of the Government Politic in the Meaning of the Housing Building about the Program of the Necessary Arrangement of the Inhabitancy and Settlement of the Deported People Living in Crimea
This article is about state policy in the field of house building under the Program of first-line measures on resettlement of the formerly deported peoples in Crimea. The conclusions and recommendations had been done.

Soldatova S.A.
About Marketing Activity of Tourism, Health-Resort and Recreational Companies
In article the questions of service marketing tourism, health-resort and recreational companies development are considered.

Cheporov V.V., Zharikova V.N., Rudnitskaya L.V. and Cheporova G.E.
Resource Allocation on the Faculty Cross-Allocation Basis
In this paper the modeling of external staff limitation is described, the staff distribution methods are proposed for specialties, forms, levels and departments, the practical results are prepared for National Taurida University case.

Chibefyaev O.A.
Analysis of Crimean Seaports Activities and Prognosis their Development
Summary: In this paper survey Crimean seaports. Also prognosised their development.