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Vol. 15 (54) № 1. 2002


Babko A.N.
The Main Problems of Development and Introduction of Integrated Systems of Enterprise Management
In this article was analyzed some questions about develop of integrated systems of enterprise management.

Vasilenko V.A.
Organization of Enterprise Stable Development Planning within Undefined Strategy
Approaches to solving problems of annual and strategic planning of enterprise activity within underfill orders portfolio and underlined strategy are presented.

Grets O.P.
Ecological-Social-Economic Systems as Objects of Environmental Usage Territorial Management
In the article the formation and structurization of ecological-social-economic systems as objects of territorial management of environmental usage are - analyzed.

Danilova E.A., Ibadlaeva E.R.
Interactive Methods in Business Communication Course
The article considers tasks, objectives and methods of teaching Business Communication course. Interactive methods are paid special attention. The visiting web-sights and telecommunication process are described in some detail. The complete overview of the course is presented. The feedback significance in communication process is also covered.

Dikhtyar A.I.
Tendencies of the Labor Market of the Educational Sphere and Human Resources Training in the Transitive Economy
This article is devoted to the problem of the labor market development and educational services in the transitive economy according to modern demands of the human resources training taking into consideration international tendencies and experience.

Igoshin M.M.
The Trade Technology Processes in the Wholesale and Retail Trade
In the publication showing the management problems trade technology processes to the enterprises of wholesale and retail trade.

Kartashevskaya I.P.
Methodical Principles of Statistics and Primary Accounting of Elements of Blocks of Territorial Recreation System
Statistics of tourism industry as a part of territorial recreation complex is scientifically analyzed. The reason why tourism industry is absent formally in Ukraine is argued. Ways to adopt recommendations of World Tourism Organization on tourism statistics into legislation of Ukraine are presented.

Kiselyova E.E.
Application Integrated Rating of the Approach for Valuation of Financial and Economic Condition the Generating Companies of Ukraine
In the article author analyses the preconditions of a modern condition of electric power industry of Ukraine. Author is submitted the algorithm of realization integral-rating analysis a financial and economic condition of the subjects economy. Author are shown the opportunities application integral-rating of the approach to valuation a financial and economic condition on an example of the generating companies of Ukraine.

Kolesnik V.I.
Of the Structural Alterations in the Industry and the Influence of Individual Factors on the Production
In the article were analyzed the structural alteration in the industry and also estimated the influence of individual factors on the production.

Matsebera S.A.
Imitative regional model of region water resource state
In the article the analysis of theoretical modeling of region water resource state change under the influence of throwing industrial polluted waters and when holding water protective measures. By means of this model one can define an optimal programmer of region water resource protection.

Mironova T.L., Protsay A.F.
Main Directions of Support and Development of Small Entrepreneurship
The article considers the basic oppositions of a small business in a particular brunch of economy. State policy support and development of small enterprises are discussed.

Pashentsev A.I.
Management of Risk in the Industrial
The method of account of industrial risk, and also way of definition of economy of annual costs from introduction of measures on elimination of brave situations is considered (examined).

Podsolonko E.A.
Perfection of Organizational Structure of the State and Regional Management by Economy
The necessity of organizational and economical ways search of the country and the region economy re-structuring, giving to them systematically proved forms and creation on their basis conditions for gradual and effective social and economic development is proved. The necessity of scientific and practical offer development on organizational and economical mechanism formation of region transitive economy re-structuring and its transformation into a market one is submitted, the structure of levers, stimuli and forms of the production organization, providing revival and transformations of region economy into a market one is given.

Podsolonko V.A.
Integration of Structure of Ukraine's Government in the European System
On the basis of considering the formation experience of the management structure for the European Union objectively possible ways of transformation the functions of state bodies of Ukraine are stated. The role of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in system of the government becomes more active on the basis of giving to it control and auditing and arbitration functions when providing activities productivity transparency of legislative and executive branches of the government.

Polonskay N.A.
The Modern Ways of Air Transport's Development at the Inner & Outer Services Market
In this article you can read about the modern condition of Ukrainian air transport, which provides our state with air transportations inside & outside the borders of our state. The author has determined the main ways of development of this kind of transport & probabilities of further existence of air transportations as one of the kinds of transport services.

Pomeranets V.N.
Marketing Strategy of Increase of Quality of the Goods and Services
The concept of marketing strategy, including Questions of maintenance of quality of the goods and services and Economic efficiency is considered. Measures on realization Strategy are described.

Protsay A.F.
Methodical Approaches to Criteria of Definition the Small Enterprise
The basic approaches to criteria of definition the small enterprise. Was proposed on the paper. The combined way of classification is presented in the article.

Rotanov G.N.
Appraisal of Management Efficiency by Example of the Shipbuilding Enterprises
Appraisal criterions of enterprise's management efficiency on the basis of production efficiency generalizing index and efficiency of management resources using indexes are considered in this article. Methodic may be useful for management total efficiency applied in case of enterprise's restructurisation.

Scorobogatova T.N.
Complex of Services: Priorities and Tasks of Development
In clause the basic tasks solved at creation of a complex of services are considered (examined). The special attention is given to efficiency of use of resources, as to the basic factor of competitiveness.

Tkachenko T.I.
Educational Services Standardization as a Factor of Stable Development of Tourism
The main causes of contemparain actualization of stuff education for tourism and hospitality industry are enlightened in the article. Also the scientific and methodological basis is exposed.

Khrapko V.N.
Transitional Economy Dynamics
The well-known Azriadis economic development model was applied to transitional economic development. The marketing influence was added to this model. This improvement allowed to describe the dynamic of transitional economy.

Tsyokhla S.U.
The Management of Technical Development Enterprises
The article covers the directions of technical development of the enterprise based on the principles of flexibility and ability to renew. In conformity with competitive status of the firm and strategic forecast of business development the formation of a new program of technical re-equipment is proposed.