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Vol. 14 (53) № 1. 2001


Apatova N.V., Akinyna L.N.
Modeling and Optimizing Processes of Redistribution of Crimean Water Resources
One of inhibitors of economic development of Crimea is the boundedness of natural resources, first of all - water. It is not enough of own water resources of locale for sufficing its requirements. The large part of water arrives on the Northern-Crimean channel. The situation is complicated by losses in irrigation systems and nonrational water use. The network task of allocation of water resources by artificial systems is decided in our research by the set of subtasks expressed by models of a tree of decisionmaking.

Bouyakevich M.
The Use of Methods of Estimation of Economic Consequences of Regional Environmental Policy
In this article the methods of an estimation of productivity of instruments of policy of regional development used during last twenty years are analyzed. The purpose of the given research is to offer methods of estimation of economic consequences of application of instruments of environmental regulation.

Voronin I.N., Pobirchenko V.V.
Basic Lines, Criterions And Society Informatization Process Tendencies
In article the distinctive peculiarities of information society are considered. The structure of new sector of economy - information economy - is described. Description of three world development centres of information economy is analysed.

Goncharova О.N.
Ways of Optimization of Great Yalta Recreation Branch's in Market Conditions
In this article modern conditions of Great Yalta recreation branch's is analyzed and development of branch model of the region is described. Ways of optimization of Great Yalta recreations' in market conditions are shown, especially program of social-economics development of Great Yalta as Ukrainian recreation center.

Yermolenko G., Perzeke N.
In the Paper the Crimean Banking Network Credit Activity in 2000 is Analyzed
The high correlation between the mobilized assets of the population and the volume of credit deposits is confirmed. It is nominated the low percent of credits for investment activity in the total volume of the credits and in the total volume of investments in Crimean economy as well. The possibilities for substantial increase in crediting scale for the investment activity of economic agents are analyzed.

Kanov A.A.
Organizational-Economic Structure of State Ownership in Mexico
In clause the problems of the qualitative and quantitative characteristic of state ownership. Two basic ways of existence of state ownership are shown: money and material.

Kolodiy S.
Correlation Inter Direct and Indirect Taxes and Interbudgetary Relations in Ukraine
The problems of correlation inter direct and indirect taxes are investigated in this article. Author proves the excising of goods reduces the profit of enterprises. The taxes go to the central budget and profit taxes go to the local budget, therefore the correlation inter these taxes is also the problem of interbudgetary relations.

Kravchenko L.A.
Instrumentation Budgetary Tax Policy in the System State Regulation of Ukrainian Economy
In this paper the defining influence on agregat demand and its components with the help of budgetary and tax instruments of regulation.

Kuznecov M.V.
Transport Aspects Intensive of Public Use of Territory Sevastopol Town Soviet
The methodological approaches to the analysis transport coverage of territory are considered. The zones of transport sufficiency are allocated within the limits of Sevastopol town soviet. The prospects of their effective social are proved.

Kussy M.K., Kiselyov S.G.
To Question about Influence of Choice of Investment-Time Horizon on Strategy of Trader's Working
The influence of choice of investment-time horizon on the strategy of trader's working in global financial markets, such as FOREX, is investigated in this article. Authors propose the method of analysis of investment-time horizons.

Mosienko O.A.
Analyse of Using of Foreign Investments in Crimean Region
The article is devoted to the problem of investment crisis overcoming at the state and regional levels. Investment situation in ARC is analyzed. Ways of creation the favorableiconditions for performance of foreign and national resources in Ukrainian economy are proposed.

Nikitina M.
Disproportion of Territorial Development and Policy of "Alignment"
In this article the instrument of state politics of "equalization" and principles of territorial development in the countries with different state organization are described.

Rakityanskaya E.E.
Financial Flows in Nature Resources Using Sphere
In article financial peculiarities of nature resource using are described. Financing sources selection problem for ecological program are considered.

Soldatova S.A.
Development of Health-Resort and Recreational Complex as Regional Life-Support Bases
In article the questions of Crimean recreational and resource potential using as direction-forming bases of steady region development and forming of life-support conception are considered.

Tataryevskaya M.S.
About Some Approaches to a Definition of the Category of Standard of Living
The article is devoted to a consideration of the notion of living standard of population. The short review of foreign and native conceptions on this problem has been made. When defining the category of living standard of population it is proposed to take into consideration both man's (or family's) needs and possibilities.

Trandafil A.K.
Ukraine's Economic Safety Today
The state of economic system of Ukraine is analyzed, threat its safety are determined, possible ways of achievement the economic safety of Ukraine are proposed in the article.

Fateeva N.
The Article is Devoted to Question of Methodology of Strategic Management of Viti- and Viniculture Complex (VVC)
The article contains approaches to the construction of system model, several methodological issues of strategic analysis of complex activities.

Hlobystov E.V.
Technogenic and Environmental Safety as a Factor Economic Stability of the Ukrainian-Russian Relations
The article deals with geopolitical and geoeconomical problems of the Ukrainian-Russian relations with reference to maintenance of environmental safety. The author exposes myths as to the mutual relation of two countries, proves necessity of the general strategic decisions and the coordinated policy in the environmental safety. The author offers substantive provisions of an estimation of the potential damage caused by consequences of emergencies, as basis for joint programs.